Sunday, October 25, 2009

the livin' is easy

I love the bark on these old pecan trees.

I opted not to do the pecan walk today since I had so many things to do in the yard.    Instead I picked them up and put them in my pockets as I happened on them.  Pretty soon though, my pockets started to resemble the stuffed cheeks of a hamster.

My friend who lives in Oregon divided her day-lilies this fall and she sent me some.  She has some really beautiful varieties and I was so surprised and delighted when the box came.  So many!  She sent me little clumps of 12 different kinds.  I got them all planted today, scattered around the yard.

The confederate rose is blooming.  It’s a large shrub in the althea and hibiscus family so the flowers only last one day.  It blooms once a year in the fall for about six weeks.

When I went out later, this caterpillar was climbing up a piece of plywood we had leaning against the garage.  I have never seen one like this before.  It was about 2 1/4” long and about 1/2” - 5/8" thick.   I would love to know what it turns into if anybody knows.

Remember the rain tree that I posted pictures of a couple of weeks ago?

Well, the seed pods, 1 3/4" long, are big and pink now.

It’s been a quiet and serene week.  I got a fair amount of work done on my jobs but probably not as much as I would have had I been in the city all week.  We head back tomorrow for a few days of business and high speed!


  1. oh wow what a sweet post ellen!! the rian tree alone is so good - ive seen those seedpods before - in my dreams (honest) but only when they're pink. i'd be all over the pecan tree bark and would buy myself a macro lens and take heaps of pictures, pick the best, bind them into a book and make bazillions of dollars!!!! or just hide all the copies of my book in the basement and give them as christmas presents for years to come!!! have a lovely evening. steven

  2. The whole post is wonderful. I have always wanted a rain tree.

  3. How nice of your friend to send the day lilies your way. You'll think of her often when they bloom, happy thoughts!

  4. Rain Tree? Confederate Rose that blooms for one day only? I learned something new and interesting without leaving home. Thank you.

  5. What an interesting critter! I hope someone comes up with what it is - I'm curious too!

  6. Just beautiful. How I love that rain tree.. I wouldn't have guessed that they turn so pink. Gorgeous. The roses are lovely too. WHat a thoughtful gift.

  7. Hi Ellen

    we have the rain tree too and they are common and flower beautifully in Hawaii.
    Your confederate rose is very soft and delicate - I love it...

    Happy days

  8. I can't believe you feed pecan bark to your hamster.

    Lovely photos.

  9. Gorgeous! How you can make pecan tree bark look so utterly mesmerizing is an incredible gift and speaks to your artistry in all things.

    Thanks for the reminder that beauty is everywhere and always evolving around us.

    One of my friends captured a caterpillar in a jar gave it some leaves and twigs and watched it build it's cocoon. When the time was right, she took the open jar outside and waited for the miracle. She came home from work to an empty jar, and now every time she sees a butterfly she wonders...

  10. Wow that cloud at the end of the post! Wow.

    And the pink seed pods, yes! Love the "time lapse" sequence.

    the caterpillar looks damn scary to me, just in time for Halloween.

    Love your life, Ellen. It's a good one!

  11. all of these pictures are beautiful, but my favorite by far is the bark. GORGEOUS.

    here are some purties i caught not to long ago:


  12. The tree is GLORIOUS! And I have never seen the bark of a pecan tree. Very interesting!


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