Monday, October 26, 2009

in your (font) face

I’m thinking about changing my preferred font.  I use Comic Sans but I keep reading things where people diss Comic Sans.  What’s wrong with Comic Sans?  I like Comic Sans.  It’s clean and neat (something that I’m not, well, I’m clean just not neat), easy to read and just appeals to me.

Andale Mono is nice but the font sizes are sort of in-between.  At 12 points it’s a little small and at 14, a little too big plus it is really spread out.

Ariel Rounded MT Bold is a bit heavy and crowded.

Baskerville Old Face is OK, maybe a little pinched.

I’ve also used Bernhard Modern Roman.  I like it a lot too but it just seems a bit fussy for everyday communication, plus it takes up a lot more room.

Book Antiqua is nice.  I like it OK except this is a little small and the next size is a little big.

I like Bradley Hand and I use it on my website for titles, but not really suited to common communication.  

Chalkboard appeals to my informal nature but it's very similar to Comic Sans.

Footlight MT Light is not too bad.

Geneva is too common. 

I really don’t like Helvetica...too boxy and crowded.

I like Herculanum, but once again, not really suited to every day communication.

I like Lucida Handwriting too but it seems more suited to formal invitations.

How about Monaco?  I don’t know.  Something a little stiff about it.

Papyrus is attractive.  Good for titles.  Maybe I’ll switch to it on my website.

Skia is nice.  A little 'fine'.  Maybe I’ll use this one for awhile.

What about Tecton?  A little bold but it also has size issues.  And spacing issues.

I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll just stick with Comic Sans.  I wear socks with my sandals too so I’m used to ridicule.


  1. I like comic sans! I used to use it as my default email font, but when we made a lot of computer changes I just never messed with fixing it again. Unfortunately at work I live in a Time New Roman and/or Arial world most of the time...

  2. What a fun introduction to all things "font". I had no idea there were so many.

  3. I like comic sans. And chalkboard.
    I like Bradley Hand, & Papyrus, but not for my blog. I love the website where you can download folks' handwriting, or have you own done. (I've not done it, tho.) I love fonts, & writing in general. I don't care too much for the standard ones like Times New Roman or Ariel or Courier.

  4. Book Antiqua is quite nice, but I am used to reading you in comic sans. You would have to prepare me beforehand for the shock of the transition.

  5. Comic sans is my go to font for almost everything [except my blog] I love it.

    but I think I like Papryus better - I think I might be changing my home hum, italicized font...hmmmm...and I love the pic you put up. Cute.

  6. Clever post, Ellen! Papyrus is cool. I wish Blogger gave us a larger selection to choose from.

  7. ellen i wear socks with my sandals. it's comfortable, a compromise, feels right to me and gives others something to comment on - which given the rest of my perfect self is an act of kindness to them!!!!! ha!!!
    go with comic sans . . . i love the loose formality of it. soft edges. gentleness. have a peaceful day. steven

  8. Who disses comic sans? Off with their heads! CS was my favorite for ages, but in the past year I've become partial to verdana.

    How come helvetica made your list twice?

  9. I used Footlight a lot in my marketing pieces. It does well for most applications and isn't distracting in large blocks of copy. It's clean with a lil sumthin.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with Comic Sans. In fact, the san serif fonts make for the easiest text reading. The only reason I can think of that some people badmouth it is because of it's tendency to look a little juvenile. Personally, I like it and think you should stick to what makes you happy!

  10. You are a font of writing styles today! I like your comic sans, and I also like the book antiqua, larger style. Decisions, decisions!

  11. Fireblossom - oops! how did that happen?

    Willow - I compose in a separate program and then copy and paste. That way you can use any font you want.

    steven - yay! another member of the sock and sandal club.

  12. Yeah, the font purists (and actually, we're talking about typefaces here, not specific fonts) don'tl ike Comic Sans because it's kind of a one-trick pony, like the square dish slumping mold that absolutely everybody uses so that you look at a perfectly gorgeous design and say, "Oh, they used the square slumper."

    Who the heck cares what they think? If you like it, and it fits your personality, go for it. Me, I like Felix Titling (another no-no) and Helvetica Neue and Garamond. But if the good lord meant for me to use only one typeface, he wouldn't have stuck all those others on this computer.

  13. I think you should use whichever font pleases you.. as long as it's reasonably easy to read. And Comic Sans sure falls into that category. You must be composing elsewhere and then pasting into Blogger, right? And it looks like you're on a Mac. :) Fun post.. looking forward to the fontal lobotomy. ;)

  14. Somewhere I read that you can actually create your own font for free. I'd love to find out where - because to me every font has some plus points, but I want to make my own !!! I can never decide from the list I'm given.

  15. You are an artist. You sound just like my husband, a connoisseur of fonts if ever there was one.

  16. I love to play with fonts. Like you, I am fond of Comic Sans and the more casual fonts. Blogger won't let us do any cool fonts, which blows.

    I agree with PurestGreen that the font that you've always used is part of the character of your blog, so I wouldn't change it.

  17. I love a free spirit. Socks and crocs, rocks!

  18. LOL! "I wear socks with my sandals, so I'm used to ridicule." - Love it! :-)

    What's wrong with comic sans? Gee, maybe I should pay attention to my font - I haven't even thought much about it. I like it simple and fairly big.

  19. My sister is a graphic designer who absolutely HATES Comic Sans. Don't ask me to explain it; I don't get it.

    Love this post. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do!

  20. I get so mind boggled when it comes to fonts and which ones work the best for each person. Couple that with the fact that my husband started out his career years & years ago as a typesetter...I have a real problem..LOL!

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