Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the next step

Several of my readers have expressed a desire to see a project through and since I have been meaning to do that myself for some time to post on my website, I’m going to try to document this job all the way through.  Hopefully I won’t forget to take the pictures.  That’s usually what happens.  My first post on this job, 4 panels 30” x 56” was ‘working on paper’ and I posted the picture of the design as presented at 1 inch to 1 foot scale.  These panels for the chapel in an Oklahoma heart hospital will be installed in a false wall and lit from behind.

so continuing...

Still working on paper, after the design is approved, I enlarge it to between 1/4th - 1/3rd full size.  I do this on my own printer/copier, piecing together the sections and then tracing the enlargement on another piece of paper.  This is when I draw in most of the detail.  When I am done with that, I take it to a reprographics place and have it enlarged to full size.  Right now I am waiting on the correct dimensions and spacing to proceed.  The problem with working with the art consultant is that I get all my info from him and he can be very busy.  I remind him every time I talk to him that the longer it takes them to get me the information I need, the longer it takes to get me started and it will still take the same amount of time to produce.  I know the project has a November due date but last week he did not know when in November and they hadn’t started building the wall yet.  He’s supposed to be checking on that now and getting back to me.  The good thing about working with the art consultant is that he does all that work including selling the job.

When I was doing these drawings, my purpose was to make the squiggly lines from the small sketch look more like leaf shapes.  I wanted to keep a loose feel to it and as I was drawing in the more defined shapes, I was pondering where this will ultimately go and the people who were going to be gazing at it.  The leaf shapes quickly morphed into light floaty forms, as if the prayers were being formed and drifting up to the Almighty.  Almost like leaves, almost like birds or seed pods taking wing and rising.


  1. Oh - I love the idea of your work containing a prayer for the recipients. It's beautiful!

  2. That is a beautiful thought and I'll try to keep it in mind as I continue working on it, but I was really thinking as if these were the families and friends prayers.

  3. I think it simply amazing that you do this.

    I've never known an artist ...

  4. Like JC, I think this is amazing. Your talent is amazing!

  5. Awesome! Heavenly leaf metaphors!

    What a labor of love. Your imagination and creative work simply amazes me. Can't wait to see the updates!

    Thanks, Ellen.


  6. GORGEOUS work! I love the way you wrote the last sentence to describe your thought process about your art.

  7. Hi Ellen

    this is a lovely concept and I will enjoy seeing how you bring it into life...

    Happy days

  8. Sure wish you could add some script to this stunning project!

    "as if the prayers were being formed and drifting up to the Almighty. Almost like leaves, almost like birds or seed pods taking wing and rising . . .
    ~ the Artist

    They belong with this beautiful piece, Ellen, truly!

  9. That will be a beautiful piece of art. I've done one piece of stained glass, about 15 years ago. It was of an angel in a window and I gave it to my mother. I was quite proud of it but I quickly discovered that it is not an art form that I can do. I do admire the work of other's though.

  10. Good brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.


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