Sunday, September 20, 2009

things the rain brought...

besides some much needed relief.

a lovely sunset

these red lilies, miniature amaryllis I think

a mushroom

blue bonnet seedlings

another mushroom

this weird thing, it never got any bigger and is a solid mass...a fungus?

the fire ants which had gone underground during the hot dry summer have resurfaced

and lots of these bad boys


  1. You brought to light lots of interesting things. I thought fire ants only lived in the deep south.

  2. Silly me. I forgot you lived in the South. When do they go dormant?

  3. I particularly love the mushroom with the thatched roof!

  4. wow ellen - beautiful pics especially of the mushrooms. those are really really good!!! i remember when it was raining non stop here you wanted rain. i'd take all of what you've got here except the fire ants and the mozzys! have a lovely evening. steven

  5. Bluebonnets! I still think it's astonishing and kind of wonderful that they only grow in Texas. Remember, don't pick any, it's illegal!

  6. Wonderful pics Ellen.

    We had some rain too last week and the nasty mozzies are now out in force...I hate them!

  7. Water is life, definitely.

    It's actually bad GIRLS when you speak of mosquitoes. What was God thinking when he invented them? That's a rhetorical question, you know I don't think of God as having a personality.

    Love the sunset!

  8. Such great the sunset photo. And am looking forward to NOT seeing another mosquito...

  9. I don't think we have fire ants here in australia, but plenty of mosquitoes!

    Great photos.

    best wishes

  10. Lots of mushrooms and ants. great photos.

  11. I love the mushrooms and that puffball fungus. The mosquito makes me itchy.

  12. I took some pics of puffballs too. They're so cool looking.

    So glad you got the rain, and wow those tallow trees are pretty, I looked them up.

  13. Nice photos. Glad we don't have fire ants here in the northeast. I hear they're pretty nasty.

  14. Great photos--love the mushrooms! Sometimes, it's worth waiting for the rain to end.


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