Saturday, September 12, 2009

idle thoughts

Summer is definitely over.  We will still have some hot days ahead but the back of this brutal summer is broken.  We are finally getting some good rain.  We received 2” on Wednesday, it rained Thursday as well and on Friday and is overcast today.   It has been the long slow gentle rain that soaks in.  Even the cornfields are greening up from the kernels that dropped during harvest this year.  My few rain water collectors are full and I am kicking myself for having delayed in setting up others.  Everything is starting to lift up their leaves again, except for a few azaleas that I fear have been stressed beyond their ability to endure.  I won’t know how the maples fared until next spring.  These days of rain have also caused some little red lilies to spring up about the yard.

The hummingbirds are passing through.  There is a hummingbird bush right outside this open window where I am sitting and I can hear the whir of their wings.  A wren was investigating the garage earlier and I startled it when I walked in.  This rainy country life is making me lazy.  I brought down some art work, intermediate enlargements, to do the rest of this week at the country house and have yet to take it out of the bag.  I’ll have to do it before we head back to town on Monday.  Some of that work that has been hovering out there all August is starting to come in. 

We came down on Wednesday this week since I was out of clean underwear (and had been for several days) and had conducted all the business we needed to be in town for already.  It would help my productivity immensely to be in one place.  I schlep the computer back and forth (and I’m not talking laptop) but the printer/scanner/enlarger is another thing.  Packing up to leave the city every week is an exercise in anxiety.  Packing up and leaving the country every Monday is an exercise in reluctance.


  1. Oh how I love reading your posts. Can I please write like you? Will you transfer the talent telepathically please? And hurry? Not that I'm not ridiculously talented, myself {cough, choke}, but you would certainly make me look good.

    And I SO like to look good.


  2. hi ellen, i hear a similar refrain from friends of mine with cottages or summer homes. work changes when you arrive there. there's other work to be done. then when you get back to the city, it's not the same - again!!! ahh well enjoy them for what they are. have a lovely day. steven

  3. Yup, summer is definitely coming to an end here too. It's been near freezing at night, and the leaves are starting to turn. But autumn in the New England mountains is hard to beat for scenic beauty, so it's among my favorite times of the year.

    Then comes the usual 4 feet of snow....

    Your photos are beautiful, and the way you describe your country house sounds beautiful as well.

  4. Whenever i read your posts, I get to step into your world for just a bit, and I always enjoy the visit. :-)

  5. So are you just turning your underwear inside out and hoping for the best? Hope the move goes well!

  6. Is it your studio house you go to on weekends?

    I was glad to hear TX got rain, even though some of it was flooding. These lilies are so pretty, what a surprise now. What is it about hummingbirds and RED?

  7. Alix - just for you, I'm beaming away.

    steven - my problem is I can find other stuff to do no matter which house I am at.

    Jeff - Fall is relative. Here it means days in the 70s and 80s and nights in the 60s. We don't get much color, for us it's the length of the day that triggers the trees to drop their leaves, but I'll take my warm winter over snow any day.

    Fireblossom - thank you. I enjoy yours also.

    PurestGreen - Well, um, actually...yeah.

    Ruth - Our studio is still in the city which is why we have to go back every week. It's been slow getting everything moved. I can do some of the work in the country, but the fabrication has to be done in the city til we get the new building up and the electricity in.


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