Sunday, April 5, 2009

reality check

Ok, so one weekend isn’t going to be enough to whip this yard into shape after a year and a half of neglect.  I spent the whole day Saturday in the front yard digging up trees, pruning back the heritage rose that had become a large shrub, pulling grass and this darling little invasive ground cover out of the flower beds, digging up the multitude of night blooming jasmine that had come up every where and I’m still not through.  Maybe one weekend isn’t enough for even just the front yard.  Aaack!  I need sharper implements.  I need long handled loppers.  I need a chain saw!

These are the trees I dug up Saturday from just sprouted to been around awhile.  Camphor, oak, hackberry and pecan mostly.  Some redbud, raintree, yew, sycamore and a couple I couldn’t identify for sure.  Ash maybe.

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