Wednesday, April 22, 2009

cutting the ties that bind

We are taking a couple of giant steps here towards moving.  Last week, we started the process of transferring our land line phone number to Marc’s cell phone and doing away with the land line in the city.  We have had that number for about 34 years and I didn’t want to give it up and all the contacts out there that have kept it.  We also had a land line installed at the country house though that is a dedicated computer line, local only, no frills, no phone actually.  They hate to sell those contracts so I had to listen to her tell me about, and decline, every single one of their ‘offers’ to boost my monthly bill before she would take my order.  ‘But I know what I want’, I kept telling her.  Nonetheless...

The other thing is that I am not going to renew my membership at the gym when it expires at the end of this month.  I’m going to join the gym there at the Jr. College.  It’s not as big or well equipped and there are certain times of the day that non-students can’t use it but it is fine for my purposes and it is less expensive and I can pay in thirds.

Our poor forlorn future shop slab.  The mound of dirt is gone now, spread out.  I’d like to say I moved it all.  I COULD have moved it all if I had wanted.  I’m happy to say I’m smarter than that now.

The major obstacle to the complete move remains the need for more power from the pole to the work spaces.  It is becoming obvious to me that we are not going to be able to magically come up with the money to build the extra building any time soon.  I’m trying to think of other ways to use the slab we had poured last year.  Perhaps just put a roof up and use it for cold work or wet work until it can be walled in.  It’s time to reassess the current game plan.


  1. Ellen, about your slab...I also could not afford to build a building so I rented a construction trailor from one of those rental companies for fairly a reasonable price, Then when I could afford it I bought the thing. It's 10x 35 and a nice studio size for me. You might look into this option. robin g

  2. Great idea Robin. Our slab is 12' x 40' with two 8' aprons at each end.



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