Monday, April 27, 2009

ever changing

When we get home (this is a mental trick), one of the first things we do is walk the property to see how everything fared in our absence.  The previous owners were gardeners, which is one of the things we liked about this place, and so we look to see who is blooming, who is growing, who needs some attention.  We have begun to impress ourselves on this landscape but mostly we nurture what is here.  It’s about all we have time for, being split between two places as we are right now.

The blues and reds of bluebonnets and indian paintbrush in the pastures and fields are giving way to the yellows of coneflowers and black-eyed susans.

Coneflowers in the 13 acre field.

The evening primrose are still vibrant and plentiful.

This patch of evening primrose is growing on top of the drain field on the back half.  It’s very happy here.

Some of the daylillies are blooming now and also the yellow bells.  The red roses in front and little side yard are in full bloom.

Note the dewberry briar in front of the daylily.  These bring back lots of childhood memories.

All that rain last week brought these out.

We had more rain this weekend and more spinach and peas from the garden.  I worked on the diagrams for the stencils for the chapel etched glass.

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  1. wow! these truly are the gift of nature, so beautiful! thanks for sharing.


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