Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hibiscus Box, pate de verre cast glass, 5.5"w x 6.25"h x 5.5"d

I’m wondering when I will get back to doing the pate de verre.  The first half of the year in 2008 was spent preparing for our first one person show here at our local gallery.  We’ve spent the last four years or so focusing on the cast glass, trying to get into a few good galleries and trying to attract the attention of the collectors.  Well, we are in some very good galleries but haven’t yet seemed to catch the eye of very many collectors and traveling to the national shows that the galleries take us to without much income has put us in debt.

Now that the economy has tanked and lots of collectors were hit hard by the investor scams it doesn’t seem like this will be the year either so we had to go back to work.  By that I mean focusing on the etched glass for awhile.  Fortunately, last year we had some really great jobs that kept us busy for the second half of the year.  Did I say busy?  We worked non-stop, probably did a year’s worth of work in 6 months.  We started out this year with a great job for the entry to the new chapel at John Wesley United Methodist Church and I have four more job inquiries that I need to do proposals for so I’m thinking that this will be a good income year also despite all the doom and gloom.

One of last year’s jobs, about the only one I got pictures of.  Residential foyer doors, carved glass

But back to the pate de verre.  In January, I was ready to finish the two boxes that are in process but couldn’t find the energy.  In February I was a little stressed out about not starting on my new body of work but my model making stuff is spread between the two houses and I didn’t really have a work space yet.  In March, we got the work space ready at the country house but by then I was busy with the art work for the chapel so I decided not to get stressed out about it.  It’s now the middle of April and I am curiously detached.  Our goal right now is to get out of debt, and besides, I have plenty of cast work out there.  I guess when the time is right, I won’t need any prodding.

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