Thursday, December 9, 2021

another mold in progress and misc. pictures

Sunday I unloaded the car and put away the display, rehung the work I had taken down to take, and in general put it all to bed til the next time. Monday, I selected the colors and color combinations from my samples for the luna moth mold and pulled all the frit out.

Tuesday, I measured out all the initial amounts of all the colors and color combinations, even sifting the frit of some of the colors to winnow out the smallest particles, in between powder and 'fine', for the small spaces. I don't usually do that. Usually I measure out a color when I'm ready to use it and I have never sifted out the finer particles before but I think it will be beneficial, in fact, I can't believe I never thought of doing this before now. So now I'm ready to actually start filling the mold. I hope that measuring out the initial amounts in advance will speed up the process.

Wednesday I started filling the luna moth mold and right off the bat I messed up. Started with the moth body and got it all nice and tidy and then looked at the picture and realized I hadn't put the band of maroon in that goes from wing tip to wing tip and across the body. Sigh. Took it all back out and started over. I thought I had a check up this morning with the electrophysiologist but they never called to confirm and it turns out I don't have an appointment for today, Robin has a late shift so I basically have a free day today to make more progress.

Some miscellaneous confederate rose was very late to bloom and the first ones to open were stunted but it finally gave me some pretty blooms.

I have given volunteers to two of my neighbors and theirs bloomed fully before mine. A couple of weeks ago another neighbor knocked on the door after one of them told her I had given them the plant wondering if she could have one too. I happened to have a small one in a pot in my 'plant nursery' under the magnolia tree that I had dug up in the spring and happily gave it to her.

I guess we finally had some cold enough nights to finally trigger a color change in some of the trees and leaf drop over the weekend. The ginkgoes turned yellow and the tallows turned red and orange. Some of the other area trees also turned color like the sweet gum I pass by and the bradford pears.

With every gust of wind it rains leaves. There's a solid blanket on the ground now.

I popped in to see Miss Paisleigh yesterday when I took Robin home after work. She's two months old tomorrow.

My morning oatmeal loves me.

This morning's progress.


  1. Miss P looking very chic here. Interesting process on the luna moth.

  2. Lovely photos of life there these days. I am looking forward to seeing the luna moth art. And, Miss Paisleigh is adorable.

  3. I feel a deep attachment to Luna Moths. My "maiden" name is Miller which some people use interchangeably for "moth" and of course, now I am a Moon. You can connect the dots. Of course, they are also incredibly majestic and beautiful. I can't wait to see how this one turns out.
    Glad to hear your Confederate Rose finally bloomed. Mine is done and out for the season for sure. My Bradford pears are a glory.
    Speaking of glory- oh- that baby. I know that there are many people who don't really get excited about babies until they begin to emerge from that infant state but in my mind, there is nothing more beautiful. Kiss and sniff her head for me, please.

  4. Everything here lifts my spirits, especially Miss Paisleigh!

  5. Little Miss P looks like she's got attitude. She is precious. 90% of the leaves on all the trees in my neighborhood have dropped their leaves. It's been a little cooler at night too. The pecans are dropping from the trees and it's especially loud during a windy day and night because they hit the tin roof.

  6. Two months! I can't believe it. That baby is so cute. So's your luna moth, although 'cute' probably is the wrong word. The color in the photo showing the glass really appeals to me. I adore the color celadon, and that comes pretty darned close. I think this may turn out to be my favorite of your pieces. The addition of the leaves is especially nice. I like the way their diagonal complements the vertical view of the moth. (Well, and the caterpillar, too.)

  7. Oh wow! Just gorgeous. Love that green. That's going to be one gorgeous piece when you're done. Thanks for sharing your work. Fascinating, for sure. And the myriad colors in the leaves makes me wonder if you've ever considered doing a collage similar to that photo--all in glass! And seeing your rose photo, I realize my own roses have been attacked by the deer to the point they barely have any leaves/stems left. :/ No blooms for sure. Take care!!

  8. Such a delicate, lovely art you do!

  9. That moth is going to look amazing! And so does Ms. Paisleigh. And I love your confederate rose - those blooms are just so pretty.

  10. I sure do admire you and your work.

  11. That moth is going to be beautiful. Glad you were able to share the confederate rose with your neighbors!

  12. Pandemic babies! They give me such hope. Miss P. is darling.


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