Sunday, November 7, 2021

getting stuff done, or trying anyway

Friday I made the drive through the Gauntlet (though it's not nearly as bad and all the roadwork is nearly completed) to Rosenberg to Lowe's for a 2' x 2' piece of 1/4” finished pine plywood I wanted for mounting the trumpet flower pieces and some trim to go around the edges so of course they didn't have it. They did have a nice piece of red oak in 1/2” so I bought that. Also bought the chrome curved shower curtain rod I've been wanting for the big bathroom which I haven't been able to find locally. Next was Home Depot to see if they had the plywood I wanted and yes, not quite as finished as the red oak but also only in 1/2” so I bought that too then to Target to see if I could find a tension pole shower caddy in Chrome (can find satin or bronze tone locally but that's not the finish in that bathroom and forgot to look at Home Depot) and also a flannel shirt. Found a shower caddy but didn't like the shape of the baskets but I bought it anyway (and it's going back as the baskets are way too big) but no flannel shirt and OMG, I don't know what happened to Target but the clothes they were displaying were just downright UGLY. And stupid like midriff length long sleeve sweaters, cover your arms but expose your winter. On the drive back home they had three lanes closed down to one but it only took an extra 10 0r 15 minutes to get through.

Saturday I went over to the feed store and got 3 6-packs of pansies and spent the afternoon getting all the weeds out and turning the dirt in the little bed that I plant them in every fall. I got them in the ground today but I'm four or five plants shy so I'll be getting some more.

The other thing I did yesterday was test out the two pieces of plywood with the trumpet flower pieces and decided to use the pine for the first which is all yellow and the red oak of the second to bring out the pinkish orange of the small flower. The trim will have to be painted and I'm thinking maybe just white. Once I determine the size I want the plywood to be Rocky's going to cut them for me on his table saw.

These pictures are just a quick approximation of what I have in mind. About 5/8” - 3/4” exposed wood which I'll seal with the trim on the right going all the way around making a sort of shallow shadow box. I need the trim on the edges to hide the edges of the plywood.

I also converted the two photos of the comet moth that I had been considering to line drawings yesterday but decided to find a picture with the two long 'tails' without a gap and there's also a version with shorter 'tails' though I do like the long ones better. So I did that today and got the picture converted to a line drawing and decided on size and shape. Now to add the larval food plant leaves and caterpillar.

The fall back to sun time had the dog wanting to eat her dinner at 4 and my body thinking it's an hour later than it is by the clock. I prefer DST because I'm not an early riser and I like that it gets dark later but I hate the fucking transitions.


  1. Arghg the clock changing really messes with me every time! It looks as if your pieces are coming along a treat.

  2. I was fine with getting up at "8:30" but now it's 8:32 pm and I am so ready for bed. I do love your little birdbath. Of course.
    I've been to Target once in over a year and I could not believe how low the fashion bar had been set. WTF?

  3. I think it's crazy what we do with time and clocks. I prefer standard time because it's what time was until we decided for some convenience of someone to make a change. Crazy.
    I love watching your art unfold. Beautiful.

  4. I think the sketch of the comet moth is lovely - like a ballerina up on her toe shoes!
    You do keep busy, Ellen!

  5. Why did you not like the curved moth tails? Of course the straight ones are beautiful too, and the red oak goes really well with the trumpet flowers.

    1. It has to do with the willow leaves that will go behind them and ease of carving the model.

  6. 100% agree on all counts about DST - ugh!

  7. Thanks so much for your comments on the crow quilt. Yes, I do like these flowers a lot. One of my daughters managed to grow a trumpet vine at her last house here, and your glass catches the feeling perfectly.

  8. Those trumpet flower pieces have taken on new life. They're really appealing. I'm intrigued by the moth, too. You must have noticed how much it looks like a Tiffany lamp.

  9. I am hoping Congress passes a law to get rid of daylight savings. No light is being saved and everybody is late or early for a week! Lovely trumpet flowers. Your work is a little art deco which is one of my favorite art periods.

  10. I so agree about the DST--it messes with my head! I went to bed about 8:30 last night--back up about 11:30 and back down again at 3:30--now up at 6:30. Gads... what I wouldn't give for a whole night's sleep!


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