Thursday, July 15, 2021

dammit all

More fucking rain.

I got both my errands done Tuesday morning plus a minor rescue, going to get my sister from the tire store (flat tire, can't be fixed, nobody has the right one, has to be ordered, leaving her car at the tire shop), and got over to the shop and worked for an hour and a half, came home for lunch and General Hospital (don't judge) and as soon as it was over and I was ready to go back over to the studio it started raining. Really?! Had only rained hard for about 5 minutes before water started standing in the side yard and probably in the front and back as well. That's how saturated the ground is. It let up enough for me to get back over to the studio after about 40 minutes and I put in another 2 hours or so.

So here's Tuesday's progress. First I went around the edge of the feather with the black where the rocks are, built up the white a little more in various places as I went, and then started in filling in the rocks. As you can see I only got four done but now it ought to go faster. I don't have to be quite so meticulous with the rocks as the background will be the black sand mix.

I expect some of the black will bleed into the edges of the feather as it will melt before the white does (that whole soft vs stiff glass I mentioned before) and normally I hate when one color bleeds into the space of another color because I'm anal like that so I'm hoping it won't be too bad. At any rate, I've told myself that whatever, You. Are. Going. To. Like. It. Since it can't be helped and it was my choice to put black next to white though the feather is supposed to be gray. I'm at the point now where I'm second guessing the feather. Did I sift enough of the transparent gray powder? Did the water droplets I used adding the second layer of white disrupt the gray powder underneath? Just suck it up and continue on.

Wednesday's progress, shy of another two and a half hours, built up the black against the feather and the white as needed, more rocks.

And now for something completely different...

I'm turning a blind eye to politics lately. Just can't deal with it. Nothing seems to be changing for the better, the two democrat senators in name only holding up the show and in the meantime republicans are bearing down with their authoritarianism. Fucking Texas governor Abbott and the fucking under indictment lt. governor Paxton and the fucking republican state congress passed a heartbeat bill making abortion illegal in the state once a heartbeat is detected usually at about 6 weeks before most women even know they are pregnant and it's the size of a pea. Not satisfied with that, they legalized a $10,000 bounty for anyone who turns in a woman who had an abortion after 6 weeks and of course the doctor and the women will be prosecuted (fortunately a lawsuit has already been filed). And the democrats had to leave the state to prevent republicans from passing their voter suppression bill facing arrest when they return. And the gov wants Texans to pony up to continue to build The Wall along the state's border with Mexico. Our failing power grid? No concern about that, they're making money so what's the prob? And this is just local politics. I can't even read Heather Cox Richardson's newsletters anymore. So I'm glad to be back in the studio and away from the internet.

Pssst. Come closer, I don't want to say this too loud. Whispers it didn't rain here yesterday. 


  1. The next time someone tells me I must have a lot of patience to work a jigsaw puzzle I'm going to make them come here & read your artistic process. What a lot of detail! It's science! It's art! It's going to be amazing even if there is driftage!

    Yeah, Texas is insane, with Tennessee not far behind. It's crazymaking, so you are doing the right thing by ignoring it for now!

  2. Love seeing the progress of that piece. Time does fly when concentration is absolute. I, too, am avoiding politics these days. I am beyond frustrated that the Dems in Congress are being so wishy washy in taking matters in hand. Who cares about bipartisanship? It's a joke.

  3. As you well know, Florida is as bad, if not worse, than Texas in its politics.
    Rain too, sometimes.
    Here in NC, it has rained almost every day but just a little bit, mostly. It's like Florida in that it comes and then it goes.
    I can't wait to see the end result of your feather. I am sure that at least I am going to love it.

  4. I enjoy seeing your delicate process. I can't imagine how you know how to do this? It will look lovely.

  5. Interesting looking into your process. Painstaking isn't in it! Thank you for sharing it.

  6. Ah rain... would that we had more of it and you less of it. I have to ask how you learned how to do what you do with the glass. What a unique, and beautiful art form. I find it hard to believe that our duly elected representatives continue to act like children fighting over a toy or a treat. Do they even stop to realize how stupid they appear to the people who elected them? And more than this, trying to control a woman's biological process is violating her rights. How do these MEN come up with this kind of tripe? It's all about control and the money. We are a sad nation at times.

  7. Your art project is so interesting. I wish I understood more of what it is you are doing to create the art. I'm intrigued by all of it.
    I'm sick of politics too. We are in an endless stream of bullshit 24/7. I am appalled by what is happening in Texas. It blows my mind how stupid stupid can be. Abortion rights... again... endless distraction from the true dire problems of our times. Yes, let's protect a fetus, but forget about that baby once it takes its first breath. Humans are insane.

  8. We're doomed as a nation, a society and as a species. I used to have hope that I would die before western civilization collapsed, but I don't have that anymore. So, I read some of the Washington Post, marvel at how stupid people in Tennessee and Missouri are and just shake my head. The things those people believe just defy belief.

    1. I know what you mean. I too once had hope that I wouldn't see the end but it's coming fast and furious and the defenders aren't being forceful enough still living with a pie in the sky approach.

  9. Well, it has rained seven or eight straight days here. Thought we'd make it through today OK, but had a torrential downpour about eight.
    I just don't know about where this country is headed. But, I'm 78 and probably don't need to care.
    It's fun waiting on the feather.

  10. So nice to know that when I come to this blog I am going to find people who see the same world that I see. From my point of view, the global warming and all its accompanying catastrophes have been well earned by our species. "Mankind" ( humankind?) has done a superb job of destroying what used to be a beautiful planet. And, instead of waking up and trying to remedy the situation as best we can, we spend our time fiddling while Rome literally burns. I try to stay as ignorant as I can of what's going on in politics. Living in Texas does not help at all.

  11. Perhaps you didn't whisper quietly enough.
    So glad you are back to creating.

  12. I don't blame you for tuning out of politics. I wonder how long it will be before people start turning in women for abortions that didn't happen, out of vengeance or anger? How many pointless investigations will be launched, how much taxpayer money wasted? Such a shitshow.

  13. Politics? Rain? It's all over the planet but your art work is unique.


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