Tuesday, February 9, 2021

if I've learned anything from all this

it's don't
  make all your various healthcare checkup appointments in a two month period. So whatever the rash was, it was not shingles...not in the right place and didn't look anything like it. I've decided it was chilblains. It's the only thing that matched from location to the way it looked and felt and duration. And my wrist/hand was getting better, in fact I didn't wear the brace at all yesterday, until I did a stupid thing last night at yoga by doing this pose

image via dreamstime.com

except the soles of my feet were together in prayer position and yes, I'm bragging and my wrist was decidedly not happy about that so I wore the brace during part of the night and this morning. It's much better now, several hours later, so hopefully no great set back.

I was supposed to get my new crowns today but they were too white, like beacons, so they were sent back to see if they could be darkened, dentist says probably. I thought they mixed up the porcelain or ceramic the color selected but apparently, the color is a stain or paint and then it's coated with a glossy something so they can remove the polish and re-stain/paint and then add the coating again. Nothing is easy with me so I spent an hour in the dentist chair and left with the same temporary crowns I arrived with. Made my grocery store run, had lunch, loaded up the car with the recyclables and took them, walked the dog and now the day is done.

Yesterday at SHARE we got all the donated food sorted and stored and Thursday the monthly food delivery from the food bank in Victoria arrives. One of the volunteers had stayed on Saturday and unpacked the boxes and bags on the floor and my station was swamped. There wasn't a square inch of unoccupied space on the counters and more than one layer. Once we got all the food examined, we have to check the expiration dates on every single item because some people will just empty their pantries of all the old stuff hanging around (it gets tossed unless one of the volunteers wants it which no one does, some of that stuff was up to four years old), and put away I stayed another hour to organize my station, just the kind of minor OCD stuff that I like doing though if you were to see the condition of my desk and large and small work tables in the studio room in the house you would never believe it.

The other thing I did yesterday was upload to one of the glass art groups on FB the formulas for the colors of sand in the glass frit that I used on the drowned feather pieces. I had seen a post by someone looking for guidance so I thought I would share.

OMG, hundreds of people responded! They left comments, I got private messages, all very thankful and appreciative, several people said I should package it up and sell it. Nah, I was happy to just share it, not like I spent a month coming up with them, just a day messing around.

All but one of the Chinese fringe flower small trees are blooming,

something they haven't done well for a couple of years, and the little climbing jasmine is putting out its buds and the azaleas are opening their first blooms (still very pink out there)

so of course they're predicting a hard freeze Saturday night. Last night they were saying a low of 21˚, this morning it was adjusted to 25˚, and I looked just now and the predicted low is a very tolerable not so hard 31˚ so if it stays that way I won't have to cover the ponytail palm that takes two people to accomplish and all the new growth on all the other tenders might survive.

Well, it's almost dark and time to migrate to the couch with my book.


  1. And Monday the weather people are calling what falls from the sky - "wintery mix" - translates to snow and sleet. Oh goodie.

  2. I can't imagine why that pose would affect your wrist. Not like your entire body weight isn't distributed between TWO of them!
    Whatever the rash was, I sure am glad it's left you relatively unscathed.
    Our temperature here on Sunday was predicted to be very cold but they keep adjusting it up. So...
    Who knows? Not me.

  3. "I was supposed to get my new crowns today but they were too white, like beacons" reading out of context does make it seem you are the Queen. Very much winter here. And you can actually do that yoga pose! I am impressed.

  4. That's interesting about the crowns. It felt like one of the longest parts of the process was the technician trying to pick what color to use for my crown. And then when they put it in I didn't even pay attention to whether it was a good match. Ha!

    Love all the pink - and I hope your weather cooperates to preserve it!

  5. I think you do more in one day than I do in a month, and you do that yoga pose as well. You are truly the role model for aging with energy.

    1. well, I must admit I fell on my butt trying to get out of it.

  6. Show off! I cannot do any yoga as it makes me feel carsick so your yoga pose is just...wow!
    I got a crown in Nov. 2019 and it still feels weird in my mouth. It looks perfectly fine but my tongue just cannot stop touching it all of the time. But it looks great and it is amazing how no one can tell which one is the fake but my tongue knows...I cannot explain it.
    Thanks for the flowers!

  7. Well, I'm glad the freeze might not be too severe. Ours (coming tonight) looks like it won't be quite as bad as expected, either. How weird about the crowns -- like you, I had no idea the color was so easily adjustable. Chillblains it is!

  8. I hate it when my crowns break off. I am looking forward to my implant...on a front tooth. I will feel whole again. Hope the new ones arrive soon.

  9. Yes, showing off. I couldn’t do that in a million years. Of course, you are younger than me but I haven’t done any serious exercise for a year or more.
    I’ve got 2 loose teeth but dentists aren’t keen on working much at the moment.. Luckily neither tooth hurts.

    isn’t it a shame when food has to be thrown out. Why do people not check on their stores. There are many going hungry, even children.

  10. How nice that azalea bud looks against your skirting.
    I've had no serious dental work done for two or three years, but last time the dentist warned me they're "watching" a couple of places.
    I could have done that yoga pose, when I was 18 or 19, taking gym in college. In bloomers.

  11. Oh Lord, I am in awe of your abilities. Yoga is a wonderful exercise and I wish that I could to some of it. Alas, just getting up off the floor has become a difficult task. I have aged so much in the last year.

    I work at a food bank also but am now taking a break until I am fully vaccinated. We have to check all dates and went by a list of canned food and how long it was still considered good after a use by date. Most were good for a year or two, but something past that, especially tomato products, could not be given out. It is a shame to throw away food but we can’t take any chances.

  12. I just can't believe those yoga poses you do. How long have you been doing that? I suppose it's a process. I can't imagine someone walking in and starting out with the pose you showed in the photo!

    1. I admit, I fell back on my butt getting out of it. and there are a few I don't attempt anymore and this one is probably added to that short but growing list, arthritis in my thumb joints and some general loss of strength. up until about 3 years ago I could do a backbend and an arm stand until I injured a muscle in my upper bicep that took a long time to heal. I still do a headstand every day though. and that's the trick, every day. I have a 20 minute or so routine I do almost every day and go to class twice a week for variety. but I was first introduced to yoga when I was about 20 and for the first 20 years after that it was hit or miss but for the last 30 years or so, I've been pretty constant, at the minimum going to a class once a week.

  13. I can do the child pose and the dog and that it is. Too old, too tired. Plus I have physical therapy for the hip which takes time, so that's about my limit of self-care. That's a very impressive post you did,falling on one's butt seems like a logical way to exit it.

  14. Your yoga pose and practice are impressive to me. I was not born with and did not create and nurture a body that would reward me thus so I am in awe, really. And I love that you just gave away the sand formulas. That generosity of spirit is everything.

  15. These nuances of the sand colours are pretty amazing!


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