Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Windy today with a strong south wind. Overcast too and warm, currently 74˚. I've been out in the yard cutting off the mushy stuff and cutting back the things that froze to the ground even though they say to wait two weeks. The things I'm cutting back, if they survived, will come out from the roots, not the dead stems and branches. Some things I'm waiting on. The spirea, which I did not mention previously looks terrible but on closer inspection is already putting out tiny new green leaves as is the mock dogwood which I also didn't mention. Still, it's looking pretty bare out there.

The door to the little backyard is open and a wren just flew in, perched on the edge of my desk to see what I was doing and flew back out. The birds keep coming to check the bird feeder which is empty as they have cleaned me out.

I was out earlier replacing the faded and torn prayer flags strung between the two birdhouses on poles. A little challenging considering the wind. Too windy to get a picture of the new ones.

I also got my zinnia seeds in starter pots.

I finally called the El Campo hospital this morning about the second vaccine shot. You may remember Marc and I got our first jab January 14 and were supposed to get the second on February 11 which they pushed back to the 14th which they pushed back to the 19th which they canceled altogether due to weather and acquisition problems. Today it's 6 weeks since the first jab. Oh, the woman says, you're on my list to call today, can you be here tomorrow at 10:45? Yes ma'am we can. I'll have to miss my morning at SHARE but I'm sure they can muddle along without me.

Time to walk the dog and then get ready for yoga class.


  1. Yay!!!! Second shots are coming. That was an excellent phone call to make.

  2. Just look at those poor, dear prayer flags.
    How I hated cutting away the mushy parts when some big plants, like the August lilies were caught in a spring freeze.

  3. My spirea is coming along too. Every day there is more green. I wonder if the freeze, like the flood, will actually bring you more growth. We shall see, won't we?
    I'm so glad you'll be getting your second shots soon. It's odd, having had them both. Strangely, I don't feel that much different. And I certainly don't want to throw myself back into society. Not sure that has anything to do with covid, but there you are.

  4. I'm so glad you called the hospital about the second shot. I've been thinking about doing the same thing for Roger's second. His was cancelled last Friday. Maybe tomorrow we'll call.
    I hope all of your plants thrive and grow and blossom.

  5. That's wonderful about the shot.

  6. I'm glad to hear you got in right away for that 2nd covid vaccination shot. I'm still waiting to get my first one. I qualify for over 65 but so far I haven't found a place where I can get it. They keep talking about all the vaccination we are going to get but I haven't found where it's going here in our state.

  7. Good news about the second shot! Love the little green leaves coming back after the cold storm. I have the green spikes of my daffodils breaking through the dirt outside my kitchen window and there was deep snow there just a couple of days ago! Yay!

  8. I guess you've already been jabbed by now - woot! Mike said that yesterday he was shamed by a chickadee. We usually keep a container with rocks & water on the deck (purportedly for bees, but mostly birds use it). It was dry (because winter) and while Mike was on the deck the chickadee hopped in there and pecked around forlornly before giving up. Of course he fixed THAT right away!

  9. Good for you on the second jab! I've started my seeds too -- no zinnias though. Maybe I should buy some. I love zinnias.

  10. Your post made me realise how much time of the year we spend with a dormant garden, at least three months of the year. I always admire your bloom and garden activity which seems to go on all year round. A bit like it was when we lived in the tropics with no real seasons apart from the wind directions/monsoons.
    I did long for seasons while there and after the years remembered them to be all in a neat row, with stuff flowering and ready for harvest one after the other. Well, no. Everything more less explodes into action at around the same time. Which is what's about to happen here and certainly will happen even more rapidly where you are. I am sure much will have survived.
    Hope the second jab went smoothly.

  11. I haven't seen Prayer Flags in ages!! I made my own a couple of years ago after the ones I received from the Dalai Lama disintegrated. Do you make your own?? I've lost the connection to get the free ones...

    1. my friend Joanne sent me these when I admired hers.

  12. Maybe I should hang prayer flags? I loved my trip to China's rooftop of the world. So peaceful and quiet. Hated being a tourist as it is hard to see stuff and feel stuff. You are immensely busy as ever.


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