Monday, January 4, 2021

plumbing woes and seditious activity

Well, this was a crappy start to the day Sunday. I noticed Saturday that the kitchen sink has become stopped up again which it does about every 6 months because we probably need to replace the pipes under the house to the septic system oh joy and so this morning I started pouring boiling water down the drains of the double sink and after a while I noticed it started flowing better and then I noticed that the mat on the floor was wet and, well, shit, the pipe between the right hand sink and the left hand sink had bowed and was no longer tightly connected to the P trap or the right hand sink drain and all that water was going into the cabinet under the sink. Everything was soaked. Pulled it all out, mopped up the water and removed the offending pipe.

So I had to drive to El Campo because they have two lumber/home improvement stores one of which is open on Sunday while Wharton has none unless you count Walmart which I don't and even if we did they probably wouldn't be open on Sunday. We do have a plumbing supply shop but once again, not open on Sunday.

Of course I had to buy a whole kit to get the one part I needed but at least it was only $12. So now the connection from the right hand sink to the P trap is fixed and tight

but I'm back to square one since the sink is still stopped up. It drains but is excruciatingly slow and I'm sort of hesitant to do the boiling water thing again. I guess it's time to try the heinous acid drain cleaner safe for septic systems it says. The other alternative is to call the plumber but the last time I had them out they charged me over $200 just to run the motorized heavy snake through.

Well, turns out, can't do the heinous acid shit because the last time Rocky worked on the plumbing under the sink he fixed it so there's no way to access the pipe past the P trap and since it's only about 1/4 – 1/2 cup of stuff, it will get caught in the P trap so plumber it is.

I have a new visitor to the bird feeder, a little house finch with its red breast and head. Also hear a woodpecker hammering away at something this morning. And the last week I saw and heard the red shouldered hawks soaring and calling for mates which they shouldn't be doing for a while yet.

I also worked on the back end of the barn some more, raked out the leaves and deposited them and the pile on the driveway elsewhere around the yard. Still too windy for sweeping dirt though and the riding mower needs to be moved so I can get the leaves and dirt under it. Once that's done it's a trip to the metal recyclers and the transfer station for the trash and organizing my yard tools and pots for which I need a table and moving the brick pile in from along the side of the garage where they have been completely overtaken by the devil's tongue.

Another excellent sunset the other night...

I didn't think the camera had picked up the pink behind me but it did.

And did you see that Trump's phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Republican Brad Raffensperger was given over to the Washington Post, an hour of requests, demands, pleas, threats rife with ridiculous accusations from Trump to 'find him 11,800 votes' to win Georgia (though Trump lost by over 12,000 votes, the idiot, engaging in treason, sedition, and general corruption for a number that still wouldn't win him Georgia), from the president of the United States with Mark Meadows (also on the call) trying to cajole Raffensperger to comply 'in the spirit of cooperation', absolute proof that Trump is trying to overthrow the results of a legal and secure election because he lost. That's illegal. And his Republican cult members will let him get away with it. Will help him get away with it witness the cabal of 12 that Ted Cruz, my senator, has put together to protest the certification in the senate. What did they tag it on twitter? The Sedition12? And the 140 or so republican representatives who are on board for the same thing. There are some Republicans who are aghast at this and Brad Raffensperger is one who still has integrity and has flatly refused to do as Trump demands because what Trump is saying is false and he will not go against the law and his oath for Trump. This was Saturday. Raffensperger recorded the call but didn't want it released unless Trump attacked him and so, true to form, Trump attacked him on twitter almost immediately. How many other phone calls just like this one has Trump made to other Secretaries of State in the swing states that went against him? Which begs the question, how many red states that he won did he really win? I see more and more republicans are finally starting to come out against this continual assault on the election, the constitution, and the law. They waited too damn late to find their balls as far as I'm concerned.

Sixteen more days.


  1. Your plumbing and the current White House have quite a bit in common.

  2. Hope you get all the plumbing worked out there. It's always a bummer when things go awry with plumbing stuff.
    I am so grateful that Raffensperger recorded that phone call. Sixteen more days. I absolutely cannot wait for this shitshow to be over.

  3. I am pretty sure that the Orange turd has planted bombs in the WH to detonate after the national guard removes him. Boom!! glitter and poop everywhere. You know how difficult glitter can be ,especially the really fine stuff.

  4. You certainly seem to know a lot about plumbing! Hope the plumber gets it fixed soon.
    That sunset is so lovely - thanks for sharing it!
    Fingers crossed that the democrats can win the election this week in Georgia.

  5. The man knows no boundaries. And here's the thing- despite this being absolute proof of attempted election fraud, no one will probably even pursue it. Everyone's just like, "Get him the fuck out of there." Except, of course, his minions. It's so unbelievably horrifying and embarrassing.
    Yeah. Call the damn plumber. Get it fixed. You can't live without a kitchen sink. Well, you could, but it wouldn't be pretty.

  6. If Raffensperger really wanted to get trump, all he would have to do is turn the recording over to the Georgia AG and boom trump could be brought up on states charges for interfering and voter fraud. That is a states not federal law that he broke and he could go to jail. No amount of pardoning will get him out of this one.

    1. yeah, and I think I read that that might be pending. but Raffensperger is a republican and did vote for Trump.

  7. I have to use Liquid Plumber about every 6 months in my bathroom sink. I think my facial cleanser must gum things up - I don't do my hair at that sink so it shouldn't be the culprit. I don't know. And I don't really WANT to know. Ha!

    I wish I could say that I can't believe Trump did that, but of course he did, and probably many times - this is just the time that was recorded.

  8. If this were a novel, what trash we would consider it. I wonder how many R's will breathe a sigh of relief when T is gone and they can say what really happened.

  9. Putin has to have some really bad stuff on trump. Every day is crazy time with him. I' afraid Wednesday will be a lulu. I've been wondering if that was illegal. I want him in prison.

  10. Plumbing nightmares! I hope you will solve this soon.
    As for the other nightmares, the orange one is one the way out. At least that's going to happen.

    In our plumbing scenario it's the roots of several large trees along our street that have eaten into the pipes underground in our front garden, reaching all the way into the basement - very clever roots, they managed to get through all versions, clay, plastic, lined clay, lined plastic etc. - thanks to our very hot and dry summers in recent years. The answer is call the plumber and re-line pipes every couple of years or cut down several gorgeous shade giving trees.

  11. In the face of all the cray, I'm going to focus on your sunsets!

  12. Yes, we are counting days too.
    You say the Trump problem so clearly.

  13. I'm just sure I saw that same sunset, with the gold in the west and the pink in the east. It's so beautiful. As for the plumbing travails -- well, there's just nothing less fun to deal with than that. I haven't seen my finches yet (except for the goldfinches), but I suspect I might hear them before I see them. It took me a while to figure out what was belting out that gorgeous song. Like the wrens, they sure can make a tune carry, despite their small size.

  14. Judging from the Georgia Senate election, it looks like Trump's call and his other seditious activity has backfired!

    That's a drag about the plumbing. I hope it's not too expensive or problematic to solve. Wonder if you have some roots in the pipes?

  15. My experience with Drano is, it is mostly bleach. Never had any luck with it unclogging a drain. You can get a "plumbing snake" your self and try to push whatever is clogging it through.
    So EXCITED about all the political updates! Let's hope for a happy new year!


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