Wednesday, January 6, 2021

two busy days

Too busy days. I lost track of how many days in a row I have skipped my morning yoga routine, five at least, possibly more, probably more, and by Monday I could tell. Worked more in the barn Monday raking and sweeping and my arms were tired before I even got started good. But I persevered and got the entire barn emptied and raked and dirt and cobwebs (the ones I could reach with the broom) swept.

Weeks ago one of the storms that swept through blew down one of the trunks from one of the red tip photinias in the front and Marc was out there Monday morning with the chainsaw, the dull chainsaw, trying to get it cut up and got about halfway through when the motor started smoking. Well, it lasted about 12 years or so. I wanted to get all the trash metal to the recycler Monday so I tossed what I could of the photinia on top of the other branches and limbs that had been accumulating (four pecan trees, three tallows, and two oaks provide a constant supply of dropped limbs and branches) and dumped all that on the burn pile so I could load all the metal trash in the truck. Which I did 

but before I left Marc asked me if I was throwing away the pieces of sheet metal that he had cut to fit to finish the siding on the far end of the barn.

see at the top there above the open end

How many years has it been since you built the barn, I asked (It's been 10 years). If you haven't done it by now, you aren't going to do it.

Well, I'm not, he says, but somebody might.

Then somebody can just buy new sheet metal, besides, it's all rusty.

By the time I got to the recyclers after lunch they were closed for the day so when I got back I told him he had one more chance to get the sheet metal and put it up. He just laughed. Then I sorted through my pots...keep/get rid of...and stacked them neatly.

Yesterday morning went to the metal recycler. Had to wait my turn as there were two trucks ahead of me then I spent the rest of the day starting my organizing/putting things back. Cut a 1x4 and nailed it up and hung most of my gardening tools, 

got a table from over at the shop to put my pots on and put the buckets underneath, temporarily because it isn't big enough or the right height so I'm going to have to build a table/bench in there for that purpose but at least everything is off the floor.

Yoga class started up again after the holidays and I was glad to go Monday night and I even did my routine yesterday morning!


Woke up this morning to glorious news. Both the Georgia runoff races went to the Democrat candidates. We have the Senate! We have the Presidency, the House, and the Senate. McConnell can go suck rocks. Majority Leader Schumer is ready for action.



  1. You certainly are a busy, industrious woman, Ellen! Good for you - that barn looks so nice in your first photo. That was a big project!
    I was afraid to look at the news this morning but - oh, happy day!! I am so glad that the Democrats won in Georgia. What a difference this can make for the Biden/Harris administration! YaY!

  2. Everything looks so neat and new.
    I've been watching the news and they only called it for one Senate seat so far. Ossoff is ahead but not by much at this minute. I'm hoping they call it soon. trump just said he was going to march with his disciples to the Capital. I wonder if that will really happen before someone tries to off the bastard. Would be nice if someone tries and hurts him so much that at least it puts him in the hospital for the last two weeks time so we don't have to see or hear from him.

  3. Once again- you have inspired me. Excellent job, Ellen! And you've also made me laugh with your comment to Marc. I think I might need to use that one around here too about certain things although I feel quite sure that my husband will insist that yes, he is going to get around to using whatever it is that I'm bitching about. Well, he won't say "bitching".
    Can you believe Georgia? The old bit of advice about making your words soft because one day you may have to eat them has come to my mind in regard to the Republicans. There's a whole lot of retribution coming their way.

  4. You are WOMAN! Hear you roar! Job(s) well done and on we go, Democrats cleaning up after the toddler tantrums and baby shit.

  5. Hi Ellen, when can I move into the barn? Looks terrific. Good job! Fingers still crossed that Ossoff is declared the winner soon.

  6. You are such an inspiring hard worker. I feel so lazy after reading this. But... it's been raining here for days. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. Really looks good there.
    Just waiting for Ossoff to be declared the winner. I'm so happy about all of this. Whew.

  7. This looks frighteningly neat!

  8. And later this evening---I am glad Trump destroyed to GOP. What a swamp he has left to clean up.

  9. Now the madman's back is against the wall. A very scary two weeks ahead of us. His niece certainly warned us. I am most upset by the total lack of preparation by law enforcement. I wasn't in charge of anything, but I knew enough to expect a need for plenty of officers and plans to use them. Trump had been coaching his terrorists for weeks. I read that the FBI had planned to be there, but decided against it. Why?????

    Great job on the barn. If I had a fraction of your motivation!

  10. Nice unfinished barn. Nice table under your pots too.
    Yes, watched all the chaos yesterday.

  11. I have a barn ….. It is actually the dropping spot of HeWho Hoards. I will not be cleaning it out, having done so twice in the early years. I salute your organizing skills! After Trump's latest stunt, I can only wait to see if anyone ill address his criminal actions.

  12. Right on!!!! LOL Love your organizing... makes such a difference, doesn't it?

  13. Gosh, your organized barn looks splendid! It almost makes me want to get right over there and go to work. Just throw me a tool, and I'll get after it. I might even put the tool back in place when I'm done. I laughed about that piece of tin. isn't it crazy the things that hang around, waiting to be put to use "at last"? I've got some shelving that I probably never will use, but there it sits in the closet. I'd be better off to take it to the charity resale, and if I ever need more, I can just buy it.


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