Saturday, January 9, 2021


Reports are coming out that the insurgents had inside help from the White House and DoD re preventing the police and National Guard from preparing for and responding to the attack on the Capitol and that some of the insurgents were in touch with the White House during the attack and that they were aided by people in the capitol giving them directions to Schumer's and Pelosi's offices as well as the Parliamentarian’s office.

Journalists were physically assaulted.

Off duty cops and members of the military participated in the insurrectionist attack on the Capitol.

From an NBC report: Several dozen are roaming through the halls, yelling, “Where are they?”

They were very clear in their own words what their goal was, to capture and kill, especially Pence.

Trump was reportedly enthusiastic about the Capitol insurrection but disappointed in the 'aesthetic' look of it, didn't like how "low class" his supporters looked.

It has been reported that some of these 'patriots' shit in the halls of the Capitol and smeared feces on the walls.

Trump has no intention of resigning, thinks he did nothing wrong, according to three White House advisors.

White House officials report that Trump was “excited” and “delighted” by the attack on the Capitol and was “confused” as to why others weren't so excited.

Republican Kevin McCarthy, who called Trump while he was cowering in the Capitol, asked him to call off the riot and Trump told him no, now thinks that impeaching Trump would just further divide the nation.

In a turn around so quick he must have gotten whiplash, Lindsey Graham, after being confronted in the airport by Trump supporters who called him names, is now back to supporting Trump and says impeachment would do more harm than good.

One of the men charged during the Capitol siege told the judge he is a federal employee.

From a government source who received an open source meeting - "Every aspect of it, including which rooms to go into and how to break the windows, were planned."

They had maps of the tunnels underneath and the layout of the building.

A sitting West Virginia delegate filmed himself participating in the attempt to overthrow the election. He was arrested today.

Trump Justice Dept says there will be no investigation into Wednesday's events or into any of the speakers. MSNBC.

The man filmed sitting at Pelosi's desk and who took a piece of her mail has been arrested and charged with three federal crimes.

Along with the pipe bombs, a truck full of guns and ammunition, Molotov cocktails, crowbars, sledge hammers, and other weapons, the FBI also found a van with napalm.

Despite the lies from the far right media and Trump's goons, the US justice department says there is no evidence antifa was involved.

Trump has been permanently banned from Twitter and other social media platforms for refusing to stop violating their rules.

Trump is now saying he regrets being talked into giving that 'concession' speech where he admitted Biden would be sworn in and there would be a peaceful transfer of power. See, we knew he didn't mean it.

Republican supporters of Trump don't think the perpetrators need to be punished.

The FBI is slowly, methodically, identifying people and arresting them.

It appears that the man who leads the group that organized the attack on the Capitol is the Attorney General for Alabama, Steve Marshal.

Two Russians aligned with the GOP were among those arrested one of which did not speak English.

Many computers were left on and active when the capitol was evacuated.

Cabinet members have been resigning to avoid having to weigh in on the 25th amendment and those that haven't resigned are staying silent. Instead a sort of silent 25th seems to be happening with senior officials acting as if Trump is not president, ignoring him and staying away from the West Wing.

Trump made calls to certain Republican senators during the siege demanding they overturn the election.

The Republican Attorneys General Association sent out robocalls the day before urging people to attend the march on the capitol.

In one set of photos released by the FBI for identification, six of them are republican lawmakers.

The capitol police officer that died protecting the Capitol was beat in the head with a fire extinguisher by MAGAts.

The House is moving ahead with impeachment and McConnell is doing what he always does...stonewalling. He has said he won't bring the articles of impeachment to the floor of the Senate for a vote until the 19th. So much for his speech to Congress before they resumed the vote certification.

Seattle Police have let it be known that two of their officers participated in the attempted coup.

I could keep going with this as more and more details come out but I'll stop here.


  1. So many law enforcement officers decked themselves out in Trump cosplay and participated in an attempted coup on our government. I don't have adequate words.

  2. I think all of the Capitol Police that were on duty that day will have to be thoroughly investigated. Social media and all of the scrutinized. The guys on camera opening the gates and doors for the terrorists need to be fired asap. I read somewhere that much of the Secret Service are trumpy, and they're bringing back people who were in place during the Obama years for Biden. The fish still rots from the head.

  3. Once Biden takes control there needs to be a quick and complete silent sweep of all those in the government that were involved with this attempted coup. They need to do time for their part in it. It needs to wait or trump will pardon everyone. This needs to be done to the fullest extent of the law.

  4. This is quite a list of crimes. I'm a little blown away by it, and we're going to learn more everyday. It's a heartbreaking nightmare.

  5. This was horrific, and starkly illustrated the double standard regarding law enforcement and brown people, but I can't help but get a kick out of the fact that Trump was upset by the class of people who participated. What did he expect?

  6. Nothing good could ever have come from this, not for them, or the country. What alternate reality do they live in. I am sick to learn of the way that officer was killed.

  7. And here I thought I'd seen/read the worst of it. I should have known it went deeper than I saw at first glance. This is an utter nightmare and it will take years to recover our integrity and place in the world. Those people made a mockery of democracy. Everyone that had a hand in this affair needs to be held accountable, including members of the Senate who failed to curtail Trump's behavior when they had a chance to, a year ago. No courage in our elected official at all. Cowtowed by a bully and afraid to stand up for their country because there might be retaliation by the bully.

  8. Words fail me. Thank you for summing up. Disgusting and horrific.

  9. Like Joanne, I wonder about this alternate reality that these people live in. Did Trump really believe that this coup would turn the election back to him? And that is what it was- an attempted coup. You know what I can't stop thinking about? The woman in the keyboard scarf, Elizabeth from Knoxville, crying because she was maced while trying to be part of a revolution.

  10. Could you give me links to your sources, and I will keep on reading for myself. What a mess.

    1. no single media and twitter accounts from people who pay attention and are plugged in.

  11. I think so many of us have had near total absorption of the coup attempt and aftermath, but I have gotten a few minor accomplishments done myself. We have to Celebrate our small victories with trying to get on with Life. Love your Flowers and the pix of saute of the stuff for your soup had me salivating!


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