Friday, January 1, 2021

the last week of a terrible horrible no good year

Happy New Year to all and sundry. Starting the new year as always with brunch and mimosas (I have my black eyed peas for later in the day) and the rest of the day devoted to reading or watching TV under blankets on the couch and naps.

Personally, I'm not relaxing until after Biden's inauguration. Things are going to be dicey between now and then I fear what with the Proud Boys planning protests and violence on the 6th with Trump encouraging them. And then depending on how that goes, no telling what they will do on the 20th. Not to mention Trump trying to provoke Iran here at the last so he can use it to somehow stay in office while one Republican senator has already promised to contest the EC votes as well as 140 Republican representatives planning on doing the same thing. Those who supposedly know say that Biden's election is a done deal and this is all just political theater and an excuse for more fundraising. Still, it's alarming that so many elected politicians seem to think that sedition is the way to go because their boy lost by a wide margin. And it is sedition because they have no proof, no evidence of widespread voter fraud and every recount, every audit that's been demanded and done has come up with zero, 60 lawsuits thrown out of courts by judges. Even the Supreme Court has refused to entertain their bogus claims. So instead of accepting defeat they intend to try to illegally get Trump appointed delaying the inevitable (Trump seems to think that Pence has the power to appoint him which he does not) while the Proud Boys rampage outside. This is what Trump and the Republican party have done, the destruction they have wrought to our democracy. This is their end game, what they have been working towards for the last 20 years, to destroy the government by the people for the people and finally permanently transform it to government by the rich and for the rich where all the money and all the power is in the hands of a small group of white men and the rest of us are living and dying hand to mouth.

OK, on to something more pleasant.

I get yard eggs from one of the women who attend yoga class

and when I was making breakfast last Sunday I cracked a sort of gray green egg and it was such a pretty blue on the inside.

I finally got in to see the dermatologist last Monday and now I look like someone poked me in the face a dozen or so times with a lit cigarette. I'll spare you having to see that.

Last Wednesday I did get out there and start on clearing out the last 12' of the barn throwing more stuff on the metal trash pile (it's amazing the stuff that accumulates), raked a bit, but I didn't make much progress for whatever reason I don't remember. Rain, I think, it rained a bit and then that night a cold front moved in with high wind, rain, lightning and thunder. The rain finally quit around noon on Thursday but the high wind stayed. I made a quick foray to the library and so much standing water, ditches full, fields and yards flooded, Boughman Slough almost full and running fast. We got 7” with standing water in the regular spots that soaked in after several hours. The field behind us looked like a lake.

This morning is a beautiful day though still cold but at least the wind has died down. Sitting here looking out my window I saw a little wren investigate the piggy birdhouse, jumped in and looked around, perhaps scouting out nest locations, then flew off. And back it came a bit later. Also took a little foray outside and was surprised by four new sweet pea sprouts and one of them is from the second package so I have hopes that more will come.

Another bit of sister texted me last night that she finally got an appointment for her first vaccine shot on January 10th and at a much closer location! How is that possible?! Turns out, Memorial Hermann added a new location and new dates, weekends only. So I went online to that location and after three or four tries I got an appointment for January 16th mid-morning at the location only a half hour or so away. Much better than the place an hour away with a 6 PM time slot and ten days later. I haven't canceled the one on the 26th yet, want to wait to make sure I actually get it on the 16th.

Well, I don't usually make new year's resolutions but this year I resolve to make art on a more regular basis.

Love to you all and thank you for being part of my life.



  1. Yard eggs are beautiful in all regards and all parts, aren't they?
    You do make art, every day. You make it in the way you live your life and arrange your house, your yard, your hours. I think of you more than you know, looking at a fence that needs clearing, a pile of things that need to be burned, a wind chime that needs mending and tending. You are inspiration and reminder both- that I can, if I really want to, make good changes in what I live with daily.
    Thank you for that. Now get vaccinated! I hope to as well but have not heard yet from the health department. Soon, I hope. We are eager to kiss our babies.

  2. I'm with you about January 20th. I didn't know I could hold my breath that long, but that's what I seem to be doing.
    Really glad you have an appointment lined up. We're waiting to see when Roger will get his. We're hoping to feel so much more relaxed once that's happened. We can finally exhale.
    Love seeing those eggs...such cool colors.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Happy new year to you. I hope the wren will come and stay for good. And good to know you got your vaccine appt. doubly secure.

  4. Thank you for being part of MY life! Sometimes it seems that the only light in a dark world is the knowledge that others see things the way I do. My bewilderment in coping with each unfathomable event is made a little more tolerable because you, and many of your followers, seem to be experiencing it with me. Company provides some comfort. May we all have a much better year! And, I agree that I am afraid to relax until the 20th.

  5. Yes, I won't really exhale till the evening of the 20th. Starting with the evening of Tuesday, too, when we find out what happens to the Senate.

    And thank you for your blog, too. Always entertaining to read.

    Vaccine already? here there isn't even the option yet. Still attending to medical personnel and longterm care residents. I may have a chance by March, earliest. I'd like to get it done, but we're not there yet. If only we had an actual federal program running this, instead of the states, scrambling already exhausted medics and scrambling even to get the vaccines and the equipment needed to administer them. Oh well.

  6. Happy New Year, Ellen. Maybe the last four years have prepared us for what will not be easy in the coming year. Your beautiful garden will bloom no matter what happens. Your energy astounds me.

  7. Everything sounds good in your world at the moment, we have no complaints other than the usual- though we have not quite exhaled yet - waiting until the end of January. Wake me up then, OK?

  8. I've decided I can't worry about Trump's antics, that's why we have the Marines. My high school boy friend became one handsome Marine! Now he's probably a Trumper.
    It would be nice to have the little wreny in the pig house!

  9. I had an appointment for the vaccine today actually but it turned out that they made a mistake and should not have included the over 65 group yet - just medical and essential- so my appointment was canceled. Now they are saying probably by April... Each state must be different and I live in a Chicago suburb so there are LOTS of people to get vaccinated so...
    I am retired and don't have to be anywhere really, so it makes sense to make me wait... I will be so happy when Biden is president instead of the scary doofus we have now.

  10. I love your New Year's resolution! If you don't mind, I'm going to snag it and adopt it for myself. Of course, my art will be in fabric, but hey... it's all good. Blessings to you. I have faith that this new year will be a vast improvement over last year!

  11. I share your trepidation about the rest of this month, leading up to the inauguration -- but I also agree with the commentators that a lot of this is political theater that won't amount to much. It's just a way to fire up the base. That's a LOT of rain! Glad you got that barn done and got your vaccine scheduled in a more convenient place and time.

  12. Congratulations on the sooner and closer vaccine appointment. We have no idea when it will be our turn, we're behind health care, essential workers and people over 75. That seems fair, but I would really like to get on with it. That was a lot of rain. It was supposed to fall here, but of course it did not.

  13. Yes, more art. Here too. I refuse to let Trump distract me with more gar-bage. Bravo on the vaccine.

  14. Such pretty eggs! I miss getting eggs from my coworker at my last job... I'm not necessarily nervous about whether or not Biden will get inaugurated, but I am nervous about the mayhem that could happen between now & then.

  15. Good for you and your sister, getting the vaccine. No telling when it will be available to the likes of me in NYC. Isn't it interesting that we now have moved beyond words that once seemed extreme, like fascism, and regular use words like sedition, coup, authoritarianism, because those are the words that apply? I am worried too. I hope the threads will hold.


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