Saturday, August 8, 2020

weird expectations and dad has had it

Some minor progress was made on the website, very minor. Added my gallery rep to the 'contact us' page and deleted some pictures off the server. Of course the two main pages that need updating are the gallery pages which I have not touched. I'm trying to figure out where to add a link to the etched glass pages so that the work of my career in architectural glass is still accessible to those interested in checking it out but not a focus of the website. Other than that, I haven't done much the last few days. Tabor asked about web software that doesn't involve writing code but those, like Wix, that come with templates where you just plug in your photos and info also want to host your website and they charge for anything other than basic and I already have my website hosted by Earthlink and I'm not interested in switching servers. I will probably just find someone to code a new gallery page the way I want it and then create any new pages myself using that as a template.

Pam and I and daughter Sarah went to an estate sale Friday. It was a huge house, over 5300 sq. ft., masks required, and we arrived about an hour after it opened and were surprised to see so few cars. We felt safe enough as it was not at all crowded and so we got some entertainment that was not reading or watching TV. But omg! the prices they had on things. Like little framed 5” x 7” watercolors for $80 each.

Lots of dead animal heads...

and feet.

A mounted moose head they wanted $800 for, an admittedly very nice teak table for $800 and teak chairs to go with it for another $800, other wood chairs for $100 each. They had some nice antique furniture that was priced comparable to what you would see in an antique store, so not outrageous but no bargain either. There was a 9' x 12' oriental rug for $2,000 (the lady said it was $8000 new), jackets for $20 a piece, sets of china for ridiculous prices especially considering no one wants old people's china these days, a bag of old cookie cutters for $20,

and a framed Muhammad Ali memorabilia for $5,000!

We were mystified. And this wasn't even in town but 5 miles down the road in the country with no other houses in sight. Makes you wonder who the hell they expected to show up. Even with 50% off on Sunday, this is stuff no one else in the family wanted.

I did make the blueberry crostata but not until Thursday.

I have some yard work I need to attend to, like trimming the little backyard and pulling the garden cart over to the burn pile across the street and dumping the contents, but I've already wasted the coolest part of the day and by coolest I mean the least hot part of the day.

Later...I did get out there and empty the garden cart and then picked up two more piles of debris and dumped all that on the burn pile but I did not trim the little backyard, maybe this evening. Then I came in and peeled my wet clothes off and am literally sitting in the house nekkid fanning myself while I wait til I stop sweating to put some dry clothes on (postponing my shower til after I trim the little backyard).

Got this picture this morning after setting out the seed. A few days ago, I saw a male cardinal come eat a few sunflower seeds and then fly up to a branch with a juvenile and feed him but the last several days the dad has not been feeding his junior who perches on the yellow ginger beside the elephant plant stand on which is the seed or the shepherd's crook which is on the other side and does his feather flutter while cheeping and dad has been ignoring him. Look here son, I can imagine him saying, I'm showing you where the food is, jump down and get you some because you are old enough to feed yourself.

dad lower left, junior upper right

My last post I used the new Blogger interface and I still hate it. Used to be I could drag and drop an image directly from my desktop to the post body. Can't do that now, when I try it opens the image in a new window in my browser. WTF! It took something like 7 clicks to put each image in the post. Today I tried the new interface again and it gives me an empty 'add image' window. Of course, that could have been my funky wifi which gets sketchy now and then. That's just one of my issues with the new interface. I hate that huge space between paragraphs, what's the point of that? And the labels, now you can only see 6 at a time and have to scroll through looking for what you want instead of the nice cloud on the legacy version. Everything is now more time consuming. This post is courtesy of the legacy interface and I am stubbornly going to use it to the bitter end. They are going to have to drag me kicking and screaming into the new version. Every time I try to use it I send negative feedback to the powers that be.

Well, I did get out there at 5PM, managed to get the trimmer started by myself, finally. It involved a lot of cursing. Trimmed the little backyard and around the flower beds in the big backyard and worked on an area where it is hard for the mower to get in until I ran out of gas. Came in, fed the dog, bathed the dog, walked the dog, and then bathed and made my evening cocktail.

I am done for the night.


  1. Prices at some estate sales are just stupid. Do they want to move this stuff or not? Like you, I am staying with the Legacy blogger until they delete the software. I really really hate it. When I was trying it, all of my feedback ended up in all caps because I was so angry about all of it.

  2. I bet it's far more than 50% off tomorrow.

  3. the new improved blogger bullshit! Tried it, NOPE! If they insist my blog posts will be fewer if at all. No great loss to anyone really, but myself.
    The "sale" sounds like they have no intention of getting rid of anything- pretty sure it will all end up in storage costing them more than the stuff is worth.

  4. Twenty dollars for a bag of old cookie cutters? Take a zero off that figure and then maybe.
    And why the hell would anyone mount animal feet?
    We bought a house once from a couple and the wife was a hoarder. Not a hoarder in the traditional sense. She hoarded antiques of all sorts and there was a huge room in the basement packed with neatly stacked magazines going back to the sixties. The house (and it was not small) was absolutely filled with furniture, quilts, dishes- you name it. Before they moved out, they had a sort of estate sale and she asked so much for each and every item that she could bear to let go that they sold very little. When we sold the house, the magazines were still in the basement. They probably still are.

  5. Those prices are RIDICULOUS! Who's wandering around the countryside ready to drop $5,000 on framed Muhammad Ali memorabilia? That's insane. People don't realize that at estate sales they need to price stuff to MOVE. Unless it's not really an estate sale and they have the luxury of holding onto that property (and keeping the sale going) for a while.

    I've sent New Blogger my complaints as well, which also involve the spacing and problems I have centering photos. (They're centered on my computer, and they SAY they're centered in the html code, but they're justified left on my phone.) I'm with you -- I'm sticking to Legacy until the bitter end. I can use New Blogger well enough to keep going after that, but I'd rather not until I'm forced to.

  6. I’m astonished that you didn’t come home with the Ali memorabilia! Your loss. Ha!

    I wish my dad would feed me - specifically right now because I don’t know what I want for lunch.

  7. Yeserday I was daydreaming about all the sentimental junk I own and how I must get rid of 90% of it and start living a cleaner/simpler life. I just have this urge to get rid of stuff and would never feel an urge to go look at someone else's stuff.

  8. I can't believe those prices -- especially for some of that stuff. I'd pay more for your crostata, to be honest. I wasn't aware that Blogger was involved in one of its famous "upgrades." Wordpress just has done the same with its editor, but I'm hanging on with the old as long as I can. I think I've got until the end of the year. This may explain why a couple of the Blogger blogs that I follow suddenly look so weird: big fonts, erratically placed photos, etc. Always an improvement.

  9. Those prices are crazy, and the stuff they were selling seemed a little bit odd as well. You never know what you're going to find at an estate sale.
    I'm sticking with blogger legacy for as long as I can. I hope they work out the bugs soon.

  10. At least you got to go somewhere, despite the overprized cookie cutters. Seriosuly?

  11. Who ever ran the estate sale had images of grandeur in their heads. I too struggle with and heartily dislike the new blogger. But they are all new now, and I have no choice but to learn how to use them.


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