Saturday, August 22, 2020

bingo, storms, and flowers

Everybody got their 2020 bingo cards ready? Anyone have two hurricanes at one time headed for the Gulf Coast for August? Tropical Storm Laura and imminent Tropical Storm Marco (still just a tropical depression but strengthening) are both being tracked to hit the Gulf Coast. Marco almost dead on for us, Laura to the east possibly just days apart. 

Yay us! They're already going on about hurricane preparedness.

We got an unexpected 1 1/2” of rain in about 2 hours yesterday. I think the forecast was about a 10% chance. So I've been out rethinking my little earthwork which didn't work to keep the rain water away from the slab and working on it some. I have the pile of dirt that I saved when Rocky took out the big brick planter by the front door. It's full of rocks which make it good for this purpose I think so I shoveled many shovelfuls of dirt to build up the area beside this section of the slab so water hopefully drains away because this is in general is one of the lowest parts of the yard and water collects there, employed miscellaneous materials to create a sort of skirt to deflect the water pouring off the roof line when it rains hard even with the gutters and downspouts. Of course this is just one small section of the slab that I worry about but ya gotta start somewhere. So this is my hurricane preparation. Water diversion.

not pretty but hopefully effective

The storm today came with some high winds that, big surprise, knocked dead branches out of the pecans and oaks. It also keeled over two of my banana trees. That makes three since one of them had already keeled over weeks ago. And all three were blooming but only one was making fruit. These trees have gotten so tall and the banana blooms are so heavy, especially with fruit, that I'm not surprised the high wind bent them over. I planted the initial three small to little more than a sprout trees on the edge of the drain field, maybe even on the edge of the drain field and they have grown really tall. I don't imagine I'll have a single one standing but for the newest if a hurricane comes this way but they will grow back and quicker than you might think.

My sister has taken up residence in the new house. Her and the Demon Duo spent their first night last night in the new house. So half the transition is complete. The other half is getting the old house ready to sell and selling it. My sister told me a few years ago that she knew she would be moving one more time before the 'final' move when you get relegated to a care facility. Hopefully we will be some of the lucky ones who can live and die at home. No idea when where or why, just a certainty. Well, now we know when where and why.

A few more blooms...

the rangoon creeper also likes this heat and is putting on another flush,

my other althea which didn't have an open flower the other day,

and much to my surprise I spotted this green milkweed, maybe spider milkweed, growing in my neighbor's ditch when I was walking the dog, surprised because I didn't think this type grew around here. Fortunately she's as bad about keeping her yard and ditch mowed as I am so I'm keeping my eye on it as it goes to seed because I want some.


  1. Just think- you and I could get hurricanes at the same time! Let's put that on our bingo card!
    Glad your sister got moved.
    And yes- definitely get some of that milkweed seed.
    I am way jealous of your rangoon creeper.

  2. Did not know that Althea was a flower, I thought Althea was just a friend of my son's with a pretty name. Beauty flowers , all of them. The wind knocked over out little lemon tree- right of passage! Those red sperm shapes heading your way do not look welcomed at all. Good luck, fingers crossed, you do not need to recreated your abode again!

  3. Wait, I think my comment disappeared. Or did I submit it? Well, I'll try again, just in case...

    I hope the hurricanes give you a miss, and I LOVE the milkweed. Definitely get some seeds!

  4. the rainstorms keep you busy for sure, but oh, how beautiful they make your garden. that althea looks like a pink frock i'd love to wear.

  5. Something weird happens when I try to comment. I get to my second sentence, the page jumps up and the comment vanishes.

    1. Allison -- for what it's worth, the same thing happens to me. It's got something to do with the page taking a while to load. From now on I'm going to let the page sit for a while, until the browser shows it's fully loaded (little circle no longer spinning up top) and then I think we can enter our comments safely. (As you can see above, I lost my comment yesterday too!)

    2. Thanks Steve, you are correct. If I let it sit the reply button works as well. Patience is a virtue.

  6. So, in segments I will say I love the rangoon creeper the best, and I really hope the hurricane stays a tropical depression.

  7. All the best to your sister and may her house sale go quickly and smoothly.

  8. That milkweed's Asclepias viridis -- green antelope horn. It's pretty common in our area: well, in my area, anyway. It's thick out at the Brazoria Refuge, Nash prairie, and a variety of vacant lots I frequent. I'll keep an eye out for seed for you. There's one piece of private property I roam out by the Hall's Bayou fish camp that's usually thick with it if they haven't mowed. I'll check on it and see how things have developed.

    Looks like Marco's heading east, and that we may get more effects from Laura. It's a BOGO sale by Ma Nature!

  9. I've been reading about the storms headed your way. I hope things work out okay for you and your sister and that the deluge doesn't overwhelm the work you are doing there. Take care and stay safe. These are such interesting times. You have hurricanes and we have fires. It's like a James Taylor song in real life.

  10. Good Pam is moved. Here's to an easy clear out and quick sale.
    I'm sorry so many of your diversion dike plans fail. If I knew one myself, I'd throw it in.

  11. Great that Pam's move has happened. I hope she can sell soon to complete the process. And that the storms don't hit you too hard. We've just recovered from Isaias, power only just now restored everywhere, and still a lot of downed trees but not on the roads so they don't get priority for clearing.

  12. I admire your storm preparation and keeping fingers crossed for you and yours.
    That milkweed is intriguing. Also congrats to finalising your sister's move. Long may you live so close together.

  13. Two hurricanes in the gulf is definitely SO 2020! I hope they both stay far from a direct hit where you are. Looks like the coast is clear for us here in Florida. Love all of your beautiful flower photos. Stay safe and have a great week!

  14. This hurricane business is just ridiculous. If I were you I would say NO THANK YOU to both of them :)


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