Wednesday, August 12, 2020

egg rolls and the nitty gritty

I decided about a week and a half ago that I was going to make some egg rolls. What spurred me to that idea was seeing part of a short video on FB of my neighbor's granddaughters doing just that. So I bought a package of egg roll wrappers with the recipe that would make 16 – 18 egg rolls and gathered everything I would need and Sunday I spent the lion's share of the day doing just that. Chopped and mixed and cooked all the vegetables, added the flavors to the meat and cooked it and then mixed it all together ready to start rolling it all up. Opened the package of wrappers and peeled one off and while it seemed kind of thick, what did I know? I've never done this before. The recipe called for a tablespoon of filling. Really, that's all? I added a little more and continued on. Got to the end of the package and I had 8 egg rolls ready to cook. I did think it was kind of odd that there were only 8 wrappers with a recipe for 16 egg rolls but there was nothing on the package to indicate how many wrappers were inside. So I covered the filling and put it in the refrigerator for when I got more wrappers on Monday and then I walked the dog and stopped to talk to my neighbor whose granddaughters' video I had watched and told her about my 8 egg rolls. No, she said, there's more than that, are you sure they weren't two stuck together? No, at that point I wasn't sure but that was how they peeled off with no hint that they were two stuck together.

Anyway, I bought two more packages of wrappers Monday and got busy. And yes, there are 16 wrappers in a package and they peeled off easily. I kept slowly increasing the amount of filling when I decided they must have meant a heaping tablespoon of filling because when it was all wrapped up I had a total of 30 egg rolls, 8 from Sunday and 22 from Monday. I cooked the first 8 Sunday and we had them for dinner but they were a little chewy because...two wrappers y'all. The rest I have frozen and bagged up for future frying and consumption.

So, down to the nitty gritty on the house. The skirt is up on the house, the punch list is almost done, both hose bibs are in, a slow drip where the water line for the 2nd hose bib tied into the main line under the house has been identified and scheduled to be fixed today, there is a leak at the meter and the plumber says it's on the city side so I called them this morning, and Rocky got the bracing on the small porch done today. 

Edit: the city water maintenance guy came out this morning and nope, the leak is on our side where the new water line to the house got tied in so hopefully that will get fixed today as well.

Saturday furniture starts getting moved in though she won't take up residence until the following weekend. For all I have been dealing with the stuff on the outside, she's been dealing with the stuff on the inside...the punch list, the transferring of electricity accounts, the wifi hook-up, the touching up the current house here and there as well as deciding which of her stuff to keep, which to give away, which to put in a garage sale which is overwhelming all in itself.

I burned the small brush pile yesterday because apparently the ambient temperature wasn't making me sweat enough. It was actually on part of the field behind the house but we keep it mowed back there. Anyway it was the remnant of the burn pile before we moved it over to the shop yard and stuff would get tossed on it now and then being too lazy to haul it to the back of the truck to haul over to the active burn pile and I expected it would eventually compost down but trash weed stuff grows up around it in the summer and then dead stuff has to be dealt with in the winter and there is the Wild Space at the back end of the property anyway which is basically a giant brush pile so I torched it. It will need some consolidation and burning again but now it can be mowed over.

And Joe picked Kamala! People are either thrilled or griping that the ticket isn't progressive or left enough. I think it's a strong ticket that is progressive and center enough to court the moderate republicans who are sick of Trump. Too far left and we would lose those voters. It took Trump all of 20 minutes to call her 'nasty' which only goes to show how rattled he is. He knows how strong, intelligent, powerful, and capable she is, he and Ivanka both have donated to her previous political campaign, and we also know how much he hates women who won't take shit off of privileged white men. I'm seeing a lot of joy and hope on social media. It's a nice little boost but now the real fight begins. There's been some speculation that Trump will ditch Pence in desperation for Nikki Haley to counteract Joe's pick of Kamala.

83 days!


  1. Picking my favorite has given me the first hope in years. I cried a bit. Joy.

  2. egg rolls, that is ambitious- I made wonton soup one time and only one time- I did not believe the recipe , my wonton's were the size of a baby's head.
    Ms. House's skirt looks very nice!

  3. My sister used to make egg rolls. It took her all day and two able little girls doing a lot of the prep work. They were good.
    November, here we come.

  4. Egg rolls are way to labour intensive to be on my list. But they look really good, regardless of layers.
    House bib? I am guessing.

    1. hose bib, what the plumber calls an outdoor faucet.

  5. The egg rolls look great. It's getting late in the game for Trumpy to ditch Pence, but he's stupid enough to do it.

  6. As you know, I make egg rolls sometimes and what I've discovered over the years is that a bag of cole slaw mix and/or a bag of broccoli slaw mix are easy and fine to use. Add whatever else you want in there. And I bake mine, rather than frying because it's easier. They aren't as good, I'm sure, but they are good enough.
    You sure have put in a lot of work on that new home. It's going to be sweet when all of the work is done and your sister is moved in.

  7. Those egg rolls look so yummy. I've never tried to make them, but you have inspired me. I'm always looking for dinner inspiration.
    We are so happy with Biden's choice. It made us exhale a sigh of relief and lifted our spirits immensely. Now if we can just figure out what to do with the unraveling of the US Postal Service. Ugh.

  8. Well, bravo on even attempting the egg rolls! They look pretty good, even if a bit chewy. I hadn't heard the speculation about Trump ditching Pence -- wouldn't THAT be interesting. And I hadn't heard he'd donated to Harris before, either! I learn so much from your blog.

    The house is looking good!

  9. Well now I'm craving egg rolls - yours look great! I am, as usual, equal parts impressed & dismayed at all your industry. I washed the dishes last night - does that count?

  10. I'm craving homemade soap. The single wide looks great.
    I love Kamala.

  11. Niki Halley is something new. I hope not, because she actually has a brain. I was not a Biden supporter. I wanted a Harris/Buttigieg (even though most Americans are too dumb to pronounce his names) or a Warren/anyone she wanted ticket. But I will vote blue.

  12. I make my egg rolls with chopped bok choy, green cabbage, carrots, water chestnuts, and green onions. I don't like bamboo shoots or sprouts. I cook it up with oyster sauce and soy sauce. I sometimes make a half and half lean hamburger with pork sausage ( Little Sizzlers) water chestnuts, green onion, soy and oyster sauces. makes a great meat egg roll or won ton roll with won ton soup.
    People are never going to be happy with whoever a president picks. I think it's a fine pick. A no-nonsense woman to take on the crazy republicans.
    I'm finally coming back to blogging again. It feels really good.

  13. Not only have I never made egg rolls, I've never thought of making egg rolls. They seem to be one of those mysterious somethings that are best made by someone else -- like boudin or chicken fried steak. The new house is looking good. So many details to be attended to! You and your sister both are going to feel like singing "free at last" when that's all done. Well, at least sort of done. "All done" will take a while.


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