Monday, August 3, 2020

no catchy title, just stuff

Used to be, I would update my website 3 or 4 times a year, sometimes more because the web crawlers look for websites that are active first. I think I've updated it once since Harvey. I think I made an attempt a second time but nothing got uploaded. And so it is woefully out of date. I've been wanting to completely re-do it for sometime, a couple of years really but don't have the knowledge to build the pages the way I want so I have to work with what I know how to do. And then for a reason I don't remember, the program I used to manipulate the code was no longer available and I had to find a new one which I did but I've never really figured it out. I'm not real comfortable with it yet.

I want to eliminate the etched glass part. We don't do the work anymore and it has just become an inactive part of the website. And I want to update the pages I'm keeping and make the whole thing a little sleeker, keep the pertinent information but get rid of the superfluous stuff. I'd like to have a shopping cart page but I don't know if my skills extend that far. I'll have to pay someone to set it up for me. Anyway, I've decided to finally undertake that endeavor and I spent part of Saturday and most of Sunday working on it. It's gonna take a while while I remember how to do this stuff. It's not the first time I have completely remade it but if you want to check it out as it stands now, go here.

More rain Saturday, 3”, that's 6 1/2” Saturday to Saturday so it's just as well I've found something to keep me occupied inside because as a result of all the rain it is (still) hot, (still) humid, the mosquitoes have all hatched, and the fire ants are on the move.

Ah, but look! Rain lilies! These things shoot up 12" - 14" overnight.


And mushrooms are springing up

and this drowned dragonfly...oh, wait.

I have a lot of birdhouses but the birds are not often tempted. The frogs like them though.

One of my neighbor's bees.

And oh! Look look look! Do you see?

The maple tree has sprouted new growth!

Here's the recipe for the crostata, all credit goes to Joanne of Cup on The Bus who first posted it. You can use any combination of fruit. the first one I made was peach and the second raspberry & blackberry.

It's finally August. I say that but it seems like I should have said it's already August as fast as this year has seemed to go by though you'd think it would have dragged by what with the virus and all. August is usually our hottest month so we're not quite on the downside of summer. But the important thing is we are now counting down the days. Instead of 100 bottles of beer on the wall, it's 100 days til Trump's in the dump. (not great linguistically but it was all I could come up with.) Of course he'll still have 2 months to continue with his scorched earth policies. But it does seem that we are approaching a glimmer at the end of the tunnel. Let's hope it's not a mirage. 92 more days.

VOTE as if your life depends on it because it does.


  1. Thanks for the recipe! I feel as if I'm holding my breath until November.

  2. That frog! It looks like someone made him get out of bed way too early and he hasn’t had his coffee yet. I love him!
    As to Trump- I am afraid to hope. Just purely afraid. Times like this I wish I could believe in prayer.

  3. Assuming Trump loses (fingers crossed!), those two months after the election are going to be a nightmare. You know he's going to approach governing with a flamethrower -- even more than usual -- just to get back at all of us.

    I don't know a thing about building or maintaining web sites. Is it worth it to just pay someone to do it for you?

  4. the dragon fly not a dragon fly!! And mr. frog made my day, perfect in every way! Love your photos. Whatever happens in november will be life or death. That is why I am clearing out clutter, the Swedish death clean...

  5. Yes, it sure does. I look forward to seeing your site when it is done.

  6. Congrats on the maple! Also that frog.
    I had empty nesting boxes until a bird watcher told to always hang them facing east (rising sun) and to clean them every winter. Now they are always occupied as far as we cantd.

  7. I was also going to say that the frog looks like he needs a cup of coffee - ha! I have hope, and then I am resigned to an illegally bought presidency. It's exhausting!

  8. It will not surprise me if he starts a shooting war if he loses the election.

  9. I laughed aloud at your 'dragonfly.' It took me a minute. I really enjoyed looking at your website, too. Not only does it showcase your work beautifully, it sets out your convictions really nicely. There were places where I thought, "Well, that's just what I try to do with my photos, too." Celebrating the natural world is a joy, no matter the medium.


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