Sunday, September 1, 2019


The box cast perfectly. And I think I have less than 1/4” to grind off the bottom. 

Now to get the last two pieces in the kiln. Which went in yesterday, Saturday.

Today I was not up as early as I had planned but early enough. I got over to the shop a little after 8 AM, opened it up, watered the blueberries and peach tree, made a slurry on the plate glass for grinding, and commenced to pushing that box around in a circular motion counting in my head to 100, turn it 90˚ clockwise, count to 100, turn it 90˚ clockwise, count to 100, etc. Then, after a while just to make sure the muscles don't get unbalanced I push it around counter-clockwise for a while. And then every now and then turn the plate glass 90˚ counter to whichever way I'm grinding. I'm not really sure why I do this part, only that I was told by those who know that I should.

So I worked til 9 AM and went back home for coffee, worked another hour or so til brunch and then after that for another hour or so until the sun started creeping in on my workspace. It was a lot hotter over there this time than it was when I left to go eat. Still have about 1/16” to go. I thought it would take me about three hours but looks like it will be at least another half hour. I can get that finished tomorrow then work on cleaning up the top edge and the recess and so maybe Tuesday I'll be ready to start fitting the heron head piece.

Here's your Rorschach Test for the day:

or this

My neighbor Gary thinks the hummingbirds are starting to migrate through already so I got out my feeder and I've had two or three visiting it. Two of them were having a pitched battle yesterday, each trying to prevent the other from eating and so neither eats. 

I took this little video on max magnification so it's not great quality so I moved the feeder closer to my window hoping for better pics later.

One last picture...rangoon creeper


  1. Most people don't realize what a physical thing art can be. You could probably bench press twice your weight.
    And never thought about it, but I guess hummingbirds must go somewhere in the winter. . .
    Hard to picture them buzzing down to Florida, though.
    And I just refilled their feeder.

  2. Wow!I love it. The colour and all.

  3. Can't wait to see the finished product. Thank you for sharing the process.

  4. My goodness but you're being productive! Like Sandra, I can't wait to see the finished product. It's going to be amazing.
    You are amazing.
    Hmmm....Looks like hummingbirds are just as selfishly territorial as human beings. With just as successful results.

  5. birds, no matter their size are all about
    MINE-mine-mine- The robins give up to the crows the crows allow the gulls to eat first. so it goes. Your project is intriguing!

  6. Is the Rorschach the slurry? Marty is so right about the heavy physical price of "art".

  7. Yaaayyy! In every way. All those little Rorschach creatures look to me as if they are cheering. Your creative energy astounds me. And I love seeing beautiful flowers I will not likely see otherwise.

  8. 1. Trees
    2. Lobster

    Yay for the box! It's looking great!

  9. I'm glad Joanne asked about the Rorschach test - I would never have known what caused the images. I see: 1. "All hail the one true pea pod!" 2. The one true pea pod.

    Hummers are so hilarious! Sometimes I wonder if Jim Butcher based his pixies on hummingbirds. Ha!

  10. You did it!! I'm so happy you finally finished the box part.
    The Rorschach test pictures look like aliens having sex. Both pictures. What could that mean?
    I love humming birds. They are so pretty to watch but they are so territorial.

  11. Beautiful box cast! You got it done! Fascinating to see this piece evolve.

  12. Have you noticed how much your Rorschach tests look like the Rangoon creeper? That's what I thought it was, and that you'd done it as an intentional abstract of the plant!

  13. Rngoon creeper is stunning Wish something like that could grow here. I am getting more excited with each stage of your art work. As I have written before, I wish I lived near you so I could watch this whole thing...well, not for hours and hours!


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