Friday, August 9, 2019

working in the heat

It is so hot and humid out there I can/will only work outside for about half an hour and that's in the shade! The south wind coming off that field behind us is like standing in front of  a hair dryer on high. I finally got all the gone by easter lilies cut back and I was soaked with sweat by the time I finished, had to peel my clothes off me. Now I'm working on taking out a small flower bed around a tree along the driveway that I put in years ago that was too hard to maintain and it has gone to weeds and wild fall asters, cutting that shit to the ground and reclaiming the paver bricks that border it. Took two days to get this much done.

There's another area at the back of the property that I am trying to do the same thing to. It's the old burn pile turned brush pile that these 10' tall weeds have grown up around while the brush pile has composted down. I want to get rid of the whole thing and start mowing over that area.

I haven't been over at the shop to start the cold work yet because we are having some of our hottest temperatures so far, high today of 97˚ and the rest of this week and 98˚ half of next week and the chance of rain in the single other words no chance of rain. I can't imagine how hot it is in that metal shop building even with all the bay doors and the two measly windows open. I may have to start getting up really early gasp! I suppose I ought to get out my model making stuff and/or the modeling glass and start on the next piece I have in mind.

So that was yesterday. This morning I got up an hour early and went across the street to the shop and worked over there for about an hour and a half but not on the glass pieces. That shop is such a mess, I haven't even so much as hosed down the floor after the flood. My neighbor has a workbench to give me and I want to use it for my cold working since right now my setup is very makeshift (also since the flood) so I went over there and rearranged the kilns so I could pull out the big A-frame on wheels that we used to move glass around during our etched glass days. It's going to be dismantled since we don't need two keeping the smaller A-frame on wheels that will fit in the back of the truck. So I pulled the big one out of the single bay parking it by the sandblast booth and then I moved the smaller one from the double bay into the single bay and then moved the kilns back where they were which gave me more room in the double bay for the new worktable. Then I hosed the floor down in the half of the double bay where my cold work stuff is set up, sweeping all the water and muck from the flood out and pulled out a metal shelving unit and hosed it down too. I want to bring that over to the house as I need more shelving as long as I'm working over here and not in the shop.

Still have not ground a single bit of glass. Maybe later, maybe tomorrow. But that hour and a half this morning was enough for my hair and the crotch of my shorts and my panties to be soaked with sweat.

Well, as it turned out, I went back over there after breakfast and worked for about 2 hours grinding excess glass off the sticks. I cut as much off with the ring saw as I could but I still have at least another hour and probably more before I get it all off so that just the sticks remain. I'll give it another go tomorrow morning.

This is a piece of 1/2” glass with 60 mesh silicon carbide (very hard, very sharp) and water to make a slurry on which I use a circular motion to slowly grind off the excess glass on the bottom. When the sludge of glass builds up too much it has to be cleaned off and fresh grit sprinkled on. The sludge can be rinsed out and the grit used over and over but eventually the plate glass has to be replaced because it gets ground down as well and will become slightly concave over time and use.

It wasn't really terrible over there while I was working, I had the windmaker fan blowing on me, or didn't seem so at the time. But that three and a half hours, even split up with AC time in between, just about wiped me out. I had thought I would start emptying the bookcase so I could move it to the back bedroom and make room for the metal shelving unit but I'm thinking I'll go settle down on the couch with my current book.

I might even take a nap.


  1. As you know- same-same over here.
    Just horrible. Anyone who has to work outside all day long is in a perilous position. It's just too hot. I'm not even trying.

  2. It was 105 yesterday and it's 107 right now. David said it's like the devil farted in his face when he got out of his nice cold pick-up just now. August is the worst.

  3. Don't hate me, but it's the air conditioning I hate. Actually, the cheap ass unit I have and the noise it makes, and how it rattles my hearing aids, and stuff like that. Oh, yes, and the stream of cold air blasting me when it's on. It annoys me so much in the studio that I only got another two bouts tied on--yesterday. Well, five to go. Maybe tomorrow.
    And, good for you. I cannot conceive getting up early for much of anything.

  4. Cannot even begin to imagine. But from what I remember from a brief spell in scorching southern India the early morning is when it's all happening.

  5. Are you also married to an artist? I think I read something like that on one of your art pages. What is that like, two people creating art together? It must have its perks.

    1. late to husband is not an artist but he is a technician, he figures out how to make what I want happen. what is it like? sometimes it produced a lot of hurt feelings and misunderstandings. sometimes though it works. especially when one of us would get discouraged and the other would be hopeful.

  6. Well after all that, Ellen, I think you damn well need a nap. Well deserved, girl. There is this show on Netflix called "Blow out" it's a series about a glass blowing competition. Watching it made me think of you and all the work you put into your pieces. Amazing.

  7. Getting up early's the only way to cope with it. I'm at work by seven these days, and I'm usually good to go until noon. Then, I can put in a couple or three more hours in the afternoon, because I have some shade. This coming week, I'm going to add in some hours in the evening. You're right that it's no fun -- but it's August in Texas. Just be careful. Better to take plenty of breaks rather than pushing.

  8. It seems our hot weather has broken and we are getting only in the high 80s and much lower humidity. Fall is around the corner.


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