Friday, August 16, 2019

collections and obsessions

Still working on the wax box getting the wavy lines incised. I got them too deep on the face of the box as the wax was softer. Not sure what I'm going to do about it. Maybe fill them in and start over. Might finish today.

Yesterday was estate sale day and my sister and I went to one of the more interesting ones. This was a small old room, dining room, kitchen, utility room (where the bathroom was located) and two bedrooms. You had to walk through one bedroom to get to the other one which was filled with cameras! Film cameras and lenses and attachments and dark room stuff and plates and I don't know what all, well over 100 cameras and the woman who does these estate sales says this isn't even all of them. Plenty more in the garage, she says, which she won't give access to til next weekend.

And then there was the skunk collection. This is only one of three groupings of skunk figurines.

And the glass collection, also just one of the tables with this stuff on it.

But my favorite were these little metal miniatures, all 2” - 3” tall with moving parts.

This last picture was at a different estate sales months ago but just thought I would tag in on here.

galoshes for horses


  1. And that is why I edited ruthlessly, heartlessly, when we moved from the house to the condo. But I have to say, the tiny metal collection is fascinating.

  2. Out of all of those things I would have bought the little blue covered dish in the glassware.
    I know I have too much crap but it is a little reassuring to know that I'm certainly not the worst.

  3. I love those metal miniatures! I don't have room, but I'm tempted to start collecting those too. That rolltop desk!

  4. Slightly creepy all these collections, there are stories to be told but we'll never hear them. I'd go for the small things, too many of them.
    Good luck with the wax model, whatever you'll do.

  5. those collections are awesome! Wondering about the cameras and if they could be adapted to digital, Skunks are always a hit- I have a real one passing below my open window at night...hurts my nose. Never pass up a good miniature!! Small and cool and great for the mouse house

  6. Good grief. I wonder if there is any value in the cameras - technology has marched on. That is quite the assortment of things. Tucson estates sales are never that interesting.

  7. Oh, the things that people collect. Like others who commented, I find those miniatures the most interesting.

  8. I wonder if horses despise galoshes as much as cats. The miniatures are something else.

  9. I absolutely adore those cast metal miniatures, and rarely see them. It's a good thing I wasn't there. I would have been sorely tempted. Here's a cool tidbit -- that horse pulling the wagon, the one that's at the edge of the table, in the foreground? I have that one. I got it at a Catholic church rummage sale over by Lost Maples. I haul it out every Christmas and stick some holly in the wagon.

    1. how cool is that, that you have one. they wanted $5 each for them. today is half price so I may go back and see if any of them are still there.

  10. Holy cow! That's a LOT of cameras. Even though I'm a photography buff, I think I'd be a little freaked out in that room. So much equipment, and honestly, a lot of it looks like junk. It would take some effort to sort through everything and figure out what's worthwhile.

    I kind of like the skunks! I wouldn't want a whole collection, but one or two might be OK.

  11. I love those miniatures. I would not have been able to get out of there without filling my pockets. Collections are always so interesting - makes you wonder what the behind-story is.


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