Tuesday, August 27, 2019

the nut at the wheel and other things

The latest piece of Trump's insanity that has come to our attention...he thinks nuking hurricanes to prevent them from hitting the US is a fine idea. What could possibly go wrong? He denies saying it of course, just like he denies saying everything people ridicule him for saying, which as far as I'm concerned only confirms that he did float the idea. And then, of course, he spent his final press conference at the G7 in France promoting his floundering bedbug infested property Doral in Florida for next years G7 meeting to be held in the US. 

We still have 17 more months of his insanity/inanity, minimum, because Congress won't get off it's ass for whatever justification and stop him so it's up to us, the American people. Vote blue no matter who.

Oh well, on to other topics. They lied again. They told us we were going to get rain this weekend. It rained in El Campo to the west, it rained in Houston to the east, it rained on the coast to the south. Us? We got a scant 1/4” of rain Sunday. But it was overcast all day and so stayed in the high 80˚s all day.

I took advantage of the cooler weather and got the last wax slab poured and basically all the cold work done that I can do for now. 

the last two molds to be made

I still have lots of fine tuning and grinding to do once the last three pieces are out of the kiln. I rummaged around and determined I have just enough glass to fill the box mold and the two gray slabs which I also got altered or trimmed down and ready for molds on Sunday.

I haven't filled the box mold yet even though time is ticking away because I've been waiting for it to dry out a little. The castings come out much cleaner when the mold is dry and I'm using dry frit  but that's on the agenda for today

And then this also happened Sunday (click to bigify)...


It's hard to tell but this is a huge limb on one of the pecan trees that broke but is resting on another big limb lower down preventing it from completely breaking off and crashing to the ground. So now we need to find a tree service to come take it down. My sister also lost a big limb on one of her pecan trees this weekend and driving through town I saw several others down, a result of no rain and high winds. Pecan trees are bad about self-pruning when they feel stressed. They've also been dropping lots of green nuts, big ones too.

Another miserably hot day out there. 9 AM and it's 83˚ and 85% humidity, high predicted to be 97˚. I'll be hanging out in the house today y'all.


  1. My friend got a tree on top of her brand new car...no storm, no wind, just the tree deciding to go down! Luckily she was in her house and not hurt. Our weather here has finally cooled, but I bet we get hot and humid next week before we are really into fall.

  2. Remember when my dad's pecan tree just toppled over entirely? Very sad - it was a gorgeous tree. Pecans are apparently extra, huh?

  3. Same kind of weather here today too although we got rain last night. Our power went out for over two hours and going to bed without my fan reminded me way too much of hurricanes. One may be headed this way as we speak. I hate the constant low-lying anxiety during this season.
    We get big green dropped pecans too but almost always with a squirrel bite taken out. Damn them. And as you know, we recently lost a big pecan limb. Unlike you, however, I have no art projects going unless you count, uh, well...I can't think of anything.

  4. why don't you nuke that tree and just get it over with, my attitude these days...I have no faith that this nation can wiggle out of the orange toxic gas sweeping the nation and the world. We are rather planning ahead as though hope is already lost...be prepared, they say. I am not sure what that means at this point but I do have my emergency bag at the ready! Must include drawing pad and watercolor paints...

  5. I loved ordering businesses to stop doing business with China. Well, I didn't really love it. I think I sank lower than my keyboard, groaning.

  6. 45 and his maniac brain exhausts me. I hope we have a country left in 15 months to vote him out. However, since Russia is working on screwing up our elections, who knows what will happen.

    I hope you get some rain soon. Maybe you will pick up some moisture from one of the storms in the Atlantic.

  7. Nuking hurricanes?! I hadn't heard that one. I am so sick of that man. I can't even think/write about him. I'm just plugging my ears and humming for the next year and a half. Sorry to hear about the pecan trees.

  8. Sorry to hear about the tree. But it still looks impressive!


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