Friday, February 22, 2019

words to live by

Thursdays, you may remember, are the days my sister and I go to estate sales and so we did yesterday. This one was in Edna, a little town we thought was just a spit in the road but turns out it has over 5,500 residents. A nice house in a nice neighborhood, the sale seemed to be more of a retirement sale as 90% of the goods on offer looked to be the inventory of a party supplier, tableware and decorations. And clothes. This woman had a lot of clothes, nice and stylish but closets and racks full. Anyway, we didn't buy anything except at the very end on our way out I paused to pick up this nondescript little book.

It looks like it might have had a label on it at one time.

Here's the first five...

Overcast and wet today, as usual, but at least it's not cold. Still gloomy though. The azaleas aren't quite in full bloom but they will be soon 

as will the spirea with their clusters of small flowers that look like bridal bouquets. Bluebonnets, evening primrose, and indian paintbrush are still no-shows out in the fields and easements. I'd work out in the yard if it wasn't so damn wet. 

The husband is out running errands getting ready to leave tomorrow for his week in Colorado with my brother, the only time I have the house to myself. Not sure what I'm going to do today, maybe fill the drowned feather mold. Once I do that I'll use the small folding table to set out my wax model making tools. I'm ready to finish the heron box. This will be my set up for a while...wax model making on the small table, modeling glass on the big one. Before I do that though I may spread out all the wind chimes that need repair and get them all back up.

And so I did.


  1. No dog and had breakfast at home, but I did well on the other four, so not too bad.

    Have a nice time with the place to all to yourself.

  2. Good advice from that book! Especially about tipping breakfast waitresses.
    Of course I have the same wind chime you do- the one on the right.
    Oh, gosh- the house to yourself! It will be so pleasurable, I know.

  3. Well set priorities. Fix wind chimes first! I like the little book's advice. Breakfast usually is so cheap. Although I've noticed I can turn a small bowl of oatmeal into a $15 breakfast when Lynn and I go. I may have to 'splain it with a picture some day.

  4. The book had good advice. Be kind, be fair, and see the sunrise with a good dog. That works for me.

  5. My husband is heading off to Colorado to be with my brother fishing this summer. I tried to get out of going, but since my family all lives near there, it would have very insulting to stay at home. Am I a bad person?

    1. nope. I bowed out of a day trip to visit the husband's family from out of town that was renting a beach house for a week and I didn't feel at all guilty. just a day trip but still.

  6. Love the book find, headed to an auction tomorrow if the weather allows it.Under blizzard warning after noon

  7. Why only breakfast waitresses, I wonder?! I guess because breakfast is cheap and their tips would be pretty low. I can certainly agree that having a dog is a source of joy -- as I know you can too!

  8. Thanks for commenting on my blog - pleased to meet you!!! Auctions and sales are such fun. I love it that they often contain things I've never even thought of! I prefer there to be some variety in what's on offer, though.

  9. Someone gave me that little instruction book as a gift years ago. It has some gems. What fun to have that standing estate sale date with your sister every week. I don't have a sister, much less one nearby. In my imagination, they make one feel grounded, known, seen in the deepest way. I have three cousins who do that for me, but they all live far away.


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