Monday, February 25, 2019

a sunny Sunday

#186 Be insatiably curious. Ask 'why' a lot. (or in my case, 'how')

This time last year Rocky was tearing out the back wall of the spare bedroom to rebuild it to accommodate the etched glass from the entry to our old shop in the city.

It finally cleared up Saturday but after taking Marc to the airport, what should have been a 2 hour round trip and took me three because of all the construction on the highway and the beltway, and a late lunch and walking the dog I didn't feel like getting out there and starting anything in the last hours of the day. It's a gorgeous day today (Sunday) so I imagine I'll be out in it all day. I do, after all, have plants to get in the ground and Tibetan prayer flags to hang, all gifts from fellow bloggers.

I got two of the prayer flag strands tied together and up on the barn that  Joanne of Cup On The Bus surprised me with after I inquired about hers. Still have three more to find a suitable spot for.

Then I cut all the dead fronds off the banana trees. Even though we had regular dips below freezing this year they did not freeze all the way to the ground like the last two winters. I'm hoping they'll bloom this year (they need two years of growth to fruit) and give us some bananas. Still have to do the clump over at the shop.


Then I trundled a yellow angel trumpet over to the shop to repot using some dirt out of one of the raised beds since it's all I have and as long as I was there spent an hour or so starting on digging up the johnson grass around the sides of the raised beds which was a solid mat on top of and under the weed cloth I had put down when I first set them up. All that has to come up and be replaced as the flood shifted it all around and I ignored it for a year and a half. What a fucking mess. The small metal bed has come apart at one end and another corner. I'd be better off setting up the new white one I have and transferring the dirt to it but I have to prepare a spot for it. It's a butt load of work no matter which way.

Then I pruned back one of the two heritage red roses I brought with me from the city house. The other one is over at the shop and I'm just going to let it grow as big and crazy as it wants.

Then I walked the dog and settled down for the evening.

I didn't get the plants in from Ms Moon of Bless Our Hearts yet as I'm still deciding where to put them but I'll get them in today whenever it clears up as predicted.

At least it wasn't foggy this morning like it has been nearly every morning for the last week,

one day last week

 just overcast, still, as the promised clearing up hasn't happened yet although according to the weather app right now it should be partly sunny.

Some random spring stuff...

bletilla, ground orchid

baby peas!

 spirea starting up

jasmine, smells so sweet


  1. Always love your early blooms. The sun was out Sunday afternoon and I took a hike , it was 17 and winds of 30-35 mph. If you dress right it works, I lasted 2 hours

  2. I think I'm a bit jealous you can go outside. It's less than twenty here, up from a lot less overnight, plus sixty mph wind. Apparently the Niagara River ice blew inland, on the roads. Will this winter never end?!

  3. If I had a garden, I wonder if I would be as industrious with it as you and Mary and Steve? How lovely, though, to be outside among those lovely blooms.

  4. It's bee the most beautiful day here today and I should have spent it outside in the dirt but did not. I've had things to do that I thought I "had" to do which is always sort of bullshit. Not like anyone was waiting for me to come perform emergency surgery, right?
    Maybe tomorrow.
    Your blooms are gorgeous. Mine are almost popping at the same rate. I'm so glad that package got to you.

  5. "Ain't nobody leavin' til they sing the blues." My friend who just died heartily agreed. Even spring flowers sing the blues. Winter sings the blues before it leaves The quality of the daylight in your part of Texas is beautiful. Everything looks illuminated. Even on the foggy or cloudy days. Your level of energy for working in your yard and doing art work astounds me on a regular basis.

  6. You do have spring and you are making me realize all the work I have ahead next month. May I suggest that eventually you replace or add potting soil to the plant that just got regular soil. You need a soil that is more loamy and more airy when put into a pot.

    1. You are right about the dirt. fortunately the dirt in the raised beds is all bought dirt and is nice and friable unlike the wet and clayey stuff the ground is composed of. I do need to fertilize it though. it was full of organic material when I bought it but that's been several garden ago.

  7. Impressive signs of spring. I am still counting crocus and watching the buds on the almond trees. Any day now.

    Yeah, curiousity, very very important.
    You have come such a long way since that awful flood. Congratulations!

  8. As always, I love your flowers photos. As to the buttload of work? A big nope from me - ha!

  9. I love the ground orchid and the prayer flags! You've certainly been busy! Fingers crossed for bananas!

  10. Thank you for the reminder - my prayer flags need to go back up. I guess I'm going to have to enjoy your spring vicariously, as it was 1 degree this morning. So much for the entrance of March. Or Farch. I am fascinated by your banana plant ~ can't wait to see if it fruits!


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