Monday, February 18, 2019

a quiet weekend

It never did clear up, warm up, or dry up on Saturday and Sunday was the same until late afternoon when the sun finally came out and I got over to the garden beds and finished the one and started on another. Today dawned sunny and windy so I have one more day of good weather to get over there and continue to clear out my garden beds because the next 5 days are predicted for overcast and rain. Sigh.

I did finally reply to everyone's comments on my last post. The meds seem to be kicking in as I've only had two short episodes in the last four days.

I don't really have anything to write about as I didn't do anything over the weekend but moan about the weather. Well, I do but I'm not ready to post about it yet so I'll take a page from Steve and show you pictures of my dog.

This is an old picture but I'm not sure I ever posted it. Minnie had been laying next to me when Marc sneezed three or four times. She got up and laid on his chest looking at him intently.

She is not rocking the hood.

Disemboweling the whale.

The other dog is my grandson's puppy. When they were first introduced a few weeks ago, Minnie was bigger than Yote though he already outweighed her and all he wanted to do was play. He is about 4 months old in this picture.

This is Yote's paw at 4 months. The dog is going to be monstrous.


  1. I love the picture of the concerned Minnie. She's turned out to be such a good dog companion, hasn't she?
    Glad that the meds seem to be helping. I really am.
    I can't seem to get motivated to do all of the things in the yard I need to do. I'll go out and do a tiny bit and think, "That is enough of that." Am I old now? I think I am.

  2. Stock up on Kibble. Nice to have so many good friends when you are feeling low and not in the best of health.

  3. it's adorable how concerned Minnie is about Marc's sneezes. So sorry you weren't feeling well. I was under the weather myself and I'm just catching up here.

  4. Minni 'n Marc; excellent. I know the "laid low blues", too. So much I want to get done and motivation is fleeting.

  5. Ah, Minnie sounds like my Wall-E. He is always concerned about others. Her tummy looks like his with all the spots. Wall-E is all white and his spots were pink when he was a pup. Now they are like liver spots! But, he is a senior dog citizen, after all.

  6. Minnie is a gem ~ she really fits your family well. I'm amazed at how often pets "find" their people.

  7. What a darling dog! I think all dogs are wonderful, but some are very perceptive and 'clued in' to their people.

    1. someone dumped her out here as a 3 month old puppy. fortunately for both of us she found her way to our house.

  8. Good to read that the meds appear to have a positive effect. And your dog is a lovely one.

  9. Minnie will still rule the roost with a younger dog.


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