Thursday, September 20, 2018

random stuff

No matter how many times I type 'fuck' on my phone, it never seems to learn the word.

Mentally, the last several days I intended to do a drawing, since I'm not making models and I don't have molds yet though I could work on the feet for the heron box. That's an awful long lead in to say I have accomplished squat the last week. Well, some minor things...I went to the feed store and got two bags of potting soil and two bags of composted peat and then to the hardware store and got some cabinet closure doohickeys to replace the broken ones, I've been to yoga class (twice) though last night Abby bailed at the last minute so Jeanette and I sort of stumbled the class through. She and I feel the same way, we go to do, not think. I gotta hand it to Abby, she would have had us do twice as much.

Tuesday, after three days in a row of sun and no rain I figured I would go over and rid the raised beds of their weeds and get them ready to plant since it's time to plant fall gardens. Put on my cap, gathered the shovel and the long handled nippers, tucked the mosquito repellent under my arm, hollered at Gunnar that I would be across the street, and headed over to the shop. I got about halfway between driveways and turned around. Nope. Not working in this heat, in the sun. Because when it's not raining? It's still hot.

I'm finally tired of waiting for the muscle in my right arm to stop hurting (depends on the day and what I'm doing) before I mow trim the little backyard. So that's on the agenda for today.

Yesterday was day 19 of No Meat September (though I cheated on the 8th at the 1st Anniversary of Harvey Block Party and ate some of Edith's excellent pulled pork). The cook decided no meat for a month for reasons that have varied as the month has progressed. While breakfast has been unaffected and dinner mildly so, lunch has been a crap shoot heavy on cheese and eggs.

I have a solution to the curtain. I gathered the excess at each end and folded it into neat pleats so no need to cut it down, saving the complete width. I'm going to hang it a little differently on brackets from the top window trim piece so the pretty scalloped bottom hangs just above the sill.


  1. A lovely curtain. It reminds me of my mother's tea cloths. I seem to be thinking about her a lot today.

  2. I was wondering if you could do that with the curtains, Ellen! Hurray!
    I am not even going to pretend to try to get in my garden until it's cooler. Forget it. I'm getting enough volunteer crazy strong delicious arugula from about seven plants to make our salads interesting so that's good enough for me at this moment.
    I salute you on the meatless month. I would have caved on the pulled pork too. I mean- please! I'm human! The pig is so delicious. I wish collard greens and quinoa were that good.

  3. Raising the scallops above the windowsill is genius.

  4. I keep thinking that I should try to go no meat. I could easily eat beans at every meal, and I really do like some varieties of veggie burgers (heavy on rice, black beans, & corn). But with Mike it's a no-go, so I haven't tried. Especially since he's the main cook around here. ha!

    SUCH a pretty curtain!

  5. Cooler times are coming. It has been in 90's this week, but rain and cooler temps tomorrow. 75 will seem very cool. I can't do anything in the garden when it is hot and I too need to weed, kill ants, etc. The curtain in beautiful. I can't believe someone made it.

  6. Hope the muscle pain has gone by now.
    Yesterday we broke all heat records here for September (35°C) and no rain since forever.
    That curtain is a beauty.

  7. I've had to give up pork, but still love my beef. Meatless would be very difficult for me, but I've learned to temper the fat content since the gall bladder was removed early May.

  8. It has been both very rainy and very hot here in the NE, so I have just let the gardens take care of themselves. There have been some fails (veggies and herbs) but on the whole, the flowers have done well. Like you, I did not want to sacrifice my well being for the garden this year. I do what I have to do and no more.

    Only cheating once on a meatless month long diet is very good.

  9. I think that's a good solution for the curtain! I don't blame you for not working in the heat, although in the South at certain times of the year it makes it hard to get anything done.


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