Sunday, September 30, 2018

a painted house and impending fall

Two days without rain in a row last week and the house painting is all but finished! Everything major thing is done except the repair on the window in the garage and then the walk around for any final touch-ups but good enough for pictures.

Rocky got the support pillar in place for the front corner of the roof but we left it unpainted until we get the deck built which we probably won't do til next year to let our bank account recover a bit. We also opted not to paint the garage doors or the storm door in front, both already being white.

just as a reminder, here's a 'before' picture

this is the half of the house that flooded

Body-wise my back improves daily with no need for pain meds since Thursday. The estate sale in the next town over was average though I did pick up another bird house the whole time telling my sister and myself I don't need another bird house since I already have three that I still haven't put up. I bought it anyway. We checked out the charity shops there looking for cookie sheets with edges on them for putting plants on when we bring all the small stuff in for the winter and then we passed a quilting store that neither of us had been in before. I knew it was there but I didn't realize that it was a fabric store devoted to quilting, not sure what I thought it was, maybe a place to gather to quilt, so I made a big U-turn and even though we don't quilt and don't really even sew anymore, we took our time just looking at all the fabric and notions and gizmos and patterns and finished goods. This is about one fourth of the store.

Of course now I find it after the grandgirls are over wanting to learn to sew. I guess that's good as we'd be there all day if I had to pick a single fabric from all the gorgeous bolts they had.

Rained again yesterday 3/4”. The Wharton County of Emergency Management says we've had 8 1/2” of rain this month where our historical average is 5”. I'm not amazed that we've had over 8” but I am amazed that our average for September is 5”!

Signs of impending cooler weather are popping up besides the pampas grass sending up new plumes and the two mornings we woke up to 68˚ and the days getting shorter. The rain trees all over town are coming out in bloom

and the angel trumpet too

and the confederate rose bushes are full of buds which should start opening in a few days.

Now if the temperature would just come down and hang out in the high 70s and low 80s we'd be good.


  1. It must feel like such a relief to be at the end of this marathon flood repair and renovation. The house looks great! Love that grey green color.

  2. The house looks amazing, great choices of color! Looked up angel trumpet, curious to know if they were related to the gigantic ones in Australia, highly toxic,thus the name angel- as in comin' for to carry you home.

  3. The house looks great! I really like it. And I'm so glad you showed the rain tree. I saw one last week from a distance, and didn't know what it was. The bright yellow green of the new growth was so striking -- no question about its identity now. I saw an angel trumpet last week, too. It was in full bloom, and just glorious. Our goldenrod is starting to show some color, too. Now that I know it's ragweed and not goldenrod that causes allergies, I'm much more fond of the goldenrod. Even on a cloudy day, it's nice and bright.

  4. Good to know that your back is feeling better.

    Wow! The new colors are wonderful. I love seeing more photos of your many plants that are news to me. I've been living in Washington State since 1974. It's a different world of plants here.

  5. I love the house! It's so cheerful and happy. So hurray for that!
    And for lower temperatures too. It is still too hot here by far. I just looked at my weather widget and was surprised to see that next week the temperature isn't supposed to get to ninety and then realized I was looking at Cozumel's weather, not ours.
    Sigh. More 90's in store for us. But it may be getting below seventy at night which will be a blessing. Not much below but a little. And no rain here.
    My Confederate Rose is blooming, so is the neighbor's.
    Golly, I wish I could find a fabric store that didn't have Joanne's in its name.

  6. Nicely done. Let us hope all this repair and change is over for a while. It certainly took up a lot of time.

  7. The house, everything, looks wonderful - I love the green - the shot through the trees is heavenly - I could move right in!

  8. I love the colors you choose for your home. It looks so pretty and not the usual white and beige.

  9. I love the paint job! It looks great! A big improvement over the previous gray tones. Your angel's trumpet definitely looks happy!

  10. Hey Ellen. I am trying to comment on others' blogs and it let me on another when I commented as Anonymous. I don't even think I let them comment on my blog. House looks great and glad you are better. Now, let's see....

    1. Forgot to say Donna (gather).

    2. I used to not allow anonymous commenters but most the spam I get is not anonymous and I was blocking some real comments. most the spam gets done at night so I check the comment log every morning and delete.

  11. Love the house! It just fits exactly right with your surroundings. I would have spent a lot of time in that quilting store & I don't sew & have no interest in sewing. But I LOVE notions of any kind. Ha!


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