Thursday, September 27, 2018

another day of the same crazy shit

So Tuesday I spent the day with large amounts of ibuprofen laid out on the couch with book 4 of the Outlander series. Drank the last glass of the wine that evening from a week old bottle. Bedtime and I'm having gut issues and spent most the night on the toilet. WTF! I don't know if it was the week+ old wine or the pinto beans and cornbread for dinner two nights in a row but the husband wasn't having any issues. Yesterday was better and I did some area specific stretches for my back and today is about the same but I did my yoga routine this morning which helped.

Rain report: 1/2” last night, 1/2” yesterday.

After giving the concrete pillar another 10 minutes or so with the sledgehammer yesterday, Rocky finally gave up and rented a jackhammer and took it down in discover this embedded in it:

Have I mentioned lately how crazy this house is built?

So now he has to cut those pipes down to the slab so he can get the roof support in place.

Meanwhile Gunnar paints.

Last night Trump's train wreck of a press conference was on the TV but the sound was turned off while I scrolled through FB and Twitter reading people's reactions as it progressed which were hilarious. An hour and a half of incoherent rambling amid his inability to stay on topic while congratulating himself for basically creating the whole universe but his Trumpkins think he did a great job. This after the UN laughed in his face at his outrageous claims. Fox news, in their reporting of his speech to the UN, cut out the laughter so their viewers wouldn't see it and they could claim 'fake news'. And today the all white privileged male committee opened by Grassley calling on everyone to remain civil and then he tore into Ford and the Democrats in a most uncivil way. More hypocrisy from the Republicans as they bull through their man Kavanaugh, who will vote to end Roe vs Wade and marriage equality, a man who thinks the president should be able to ignore laws he thinks are unconstitutional and should be above the law himself, so as to continue to transform this democracy into an authoritarian theocracy.

OK. Enough of that. I'm off in an hour to do some rat killing with my sister. It's estate sale day and two charity shops to explore.


  1. Try imagining certain faces on those rats - which may not take much imagination, now that I think of it.

  2. I hope you're feeling better today.
    I am so upset today that I can barely stay in my skin. I am sick of the shit this country is being put through. Sick of it. Sick unto death.

  3. I was literally yelling at the TV he is completely sick SOB!

  4. I can no longer put my thoughts on paper. I am out of thoughts.

  5. It was an awful day in the life of this nation. I hope you’re feeling better.

  6. You know, I've never given the Outlander series a real chance. I think I just might. I will have extra time during the chemo period...

    ...the Orange Infection, he's not getting any chances.

  7. I can't imagine week-old wine would make you sick. That seems really unlikely. But who knows!

    I can't wait to see what Rocky installs in lieu of that column. And yeah...politics. Ugh.

  8. It must be tough living in Texas, which, last I heard, was a decidedly pro-Trump state. Sometimes, when my day isn't going so well, I remind myself that at least I don't live surrounded by Trump supporters, and I feel at least a little bit better. I missed most of the Senate hearing yesterday, but I did note that Mr. "I've supported women since age 14," didn't hesitate to interrupt the two women I saw question him, something that I didn't see him doing with the men, although Peggy said she saw him do it once.

    1. we have hope that Beto will defeat Cruz. but yeah, a lot of Texans are uninformed because all they listen to is Fox. I try to avoid all talk of politics and the government with the few friends in this small town that I have because if they support Trump and this travesty it would be a deal killer. though I do know people out here that did not vote for him. and Kavanaugh has no respect for women. he cut his wife off during an interview before she could answer a question put to her.

    2. The situation here in very liberal western Oregon is that people will start trashing Trump without even knowing whether the person they're trashing him to support him or not, the assumption being that no intelligent and well-meaning person could possibly support Trump, and that the feelings of the rest don't matter. I deplore that attitude too, and attitude by which every meeting of every organization is deemed an appropriate forum for trashing Trump.

      My formerly pleasant Mississippi father-in-law is no longer pleasant due to listening to Fox all day everyday, and I have a North Carolina brother-in-law who never wants to talk about anything but the evils of the Democrats because he too listens to Fox all day. These people never seem to wonder if Fox might not be feeding them a diet of constant lies.

  9. Sorry about your violent illness. As my recent post shows I am still searching a solution to this month long cough and clearing of my throat. No pain, no fever, no loss of appetite, no feeling badly. Just searching for a solution.

  10. Hope you feel a bit better soon. I have the series for Outlander, but need to get watching.


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