Tuesday, July 3, 2018

beasts, little and big

I've spent the last two days in that little cramped hot and mosquito-y bathroom applying the cream etch to those blue glass tiles. First I had to tape off around them and cover the hex tiles to protect everything else from errant drops of the etching cream. It took two applications to get a nice even satin finish, hence the two days.

I've had three showers in two days. Got up yesterday morning and showered before getting dressed, before deciding to work on those tiles that day, and then sprayed myself down with poison to avoid the hungering hordes while I dripped sweat until I finally wrapped a rolled up bandana around my forehead. But first application done and cleaned up, I showered again, drove to the next town for yoga, and walked the dog the short walk. I meant to do the long walk because I need to get more exercise but Minnie wanted to do the sunny section first and that was that, besides, I told myself, I just did 45 minutes of yoga and that's exercise.

Today, I did the second application and then cleaned it all up and I really like the way it looks, softer, not shiny or reflective

and I hope won't show up scratches because they are glass tiles and glass will scratch. Of course, there is no 'before' picture besides this old one

because...me. That seems to be the way I roll.

And so I took my third shower and then decided that the dog needed a bath too, so I gave the dog a bath, toweled her off, took her outside and she took off like a bullet, zooming around running big loops in my neighbor's empty half acre, being all happy dog and then we did the long walk.

So tomorrow is the Forth of July. I probably won't even put the flag out. This version of the nation is not one I wish to celebrate. This government is filled with depraved and cruel people who are manipulating things so that they and their cronies can get even richer than they already are while they destroy the Western Alliance and give Russia and China everything they ever wanted. An unholy trinity.

The dog will go to my sister's house as it will be much quieter there inside the city limits. Out here in the county there are several people (us included at times) in our little neighborhood who usually do some pretty nice displays. I admit, I love fireworks, big bangs and all, and if it weren't for the ravenous beasts, I'd be outside watching.


  1. It's amazing to me how closely your colors match with the colors in Mr. Moon's bathroom.
    It's just too hot and buggy to bear here too. Is this worse than it usually is or am I just getting pathetically old? It did rain tonight so it's a little cooler.
    But Jeez.

  2. Glass will wear well I would bet a nickle! There was a glass tiled floor in one of my bathrooms in London, ancient, and still looked amazing! Of course there were marks and scratches from well over a hundred years of bathrooming, but it only enhanced them. Lovely job, by the way. I think I would have been way more wimpy about it and waited until winter.

  3. It looks amazing! I echo your comments about the 4th; sadly. Try and enjoy the day anyhow, some way, even if not traditionally, like I plan to. :: hugs ::

  4. It's called patina, not scratches. I'll try to remember to take a picture of Ann's little loo next week. For comparison.

  5. Very cool looking tiles! Good job picking them out, getting them installed, & then giving them the look you wanted.

    I've been conflicted about today. I feel like you do; and then on the other hand, as Connie Shultz says, it's our America too... However, we didn't even leave the condo today (Mike hurt his back unpacking the car), so I didn't have to make any choices, patriotic or otherwise. It's actually been really nice!

    1. Meant to say that we watched the Braves/Yankees game. That's pretty patriotic, right?

  6. Really lovely tiling. I've bathed myself and the dogs multiple times in the last few days, to no avail. Five minutes later, I'm sweating and they're panting. I love a good fireworks display, but my neighbors tend towards the "big bang", rather than any display. Usually one or both sustain injuries. I just hope they don't start fires. Luckily, my present dogs are bomb-proof. Only the cat makes a beeline for the safety of the bathroom.


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