Saturday, June 16, 2018

progress on several fronts

I'm heading out in a little while to pick up my friend Helen from the airport. She's visiting for a few days. I spent the day yesterday cleaning the newly re-done back bedroom and cleaning the futon frame which had been over at the shop and then stuffing the new mattress into the cover which I think shrunk some when we had it laundered and setting up the bed and moving one of the night stands in and cleaning one of the lamps and while the rest of the house is questionable, the back bedroom is clean if sparsely furnished. I'm not moving anything else in because we still haven't done the punch list and the paint needs to be touched up.

Rocky has been working on the shower in the little bathroom off and on the last two weeks cutting tile, setting tile, grouting tile. At one point when I requested he undo something and do it a little different he asked me,

OK, no problem, is there anything else hard you want me to do?”

Wait a few minutes, I'm sure I'll think of something.”

I'm a challenge to Rocky. This is the smallest shower he's ever had to tile and he's never done the kind of decorative work I want on the floor with three different kinds of tile all different thicknesses. Plus, I know how I want the finished bathroom to look.

I'll make an artist out of you yet Rocky,” I told him.

Today he finishes the bullnose around the door inside the shower and tackles the decorative rectangle on the floor of the bathroom. Once all the tile work is done the rest of the bathroom will finish up quickly.

In the meantime, this is happening...


  1. My goodness but your produce kicks mine to the curb. Perhaps we have had too much rain. My corn, the first I've ever grown, is stunted and my tomatoes die on the vine and the eggplant are getting bug-eaten before they're big enough to pick. We may get some peppers but I doubt they'll look that good. Last night I used several of my small ears of corn to make a sort of take on the Mexican esquites. It was so damn good. Have you ever had any? You might want to use some of your ears for it.

  2. That's some amazing produce! We didn't even try to do any tomatoes this year, and that's about as far as I ever get into the veg gardening world. Poor Rocky! :)

  3. Your garden is golden! We are just getting green things that may turn into red things. We are due for some very hot and rainless weather this next week. Looking forward to seeing the house all done and decorated.

  4. What a sweet, calm room for your guest. So inviting and cool. We could NEVER have a veg garden like that here, growing season too short not enough sun. We are lucky to get radishes!

  5. A while back my friend Ann wrested control of her house from her husband; i.e., it would be finished, after twenty years, and not by him when he got around to it. Her contractor fell right in with all her artsy plans, which are a result of her mixing this and that which she has acquired over the years and never been able to use. I'll tell her about Rocky, but not to pass on to her fellow.

  6. Yum those veggies look so good. Got some beans the other day and talk to the tomatoes. Here the corn will only be knee high by the 4th of July.

  7. That's some lovely produce! After our dismal failure with tomatoes last year we decided not to mess with them again. But our landscaper friend told us the best place in the yard for tomatoes (in the center of that raised round bed), so maybe next year.

    Can't wait to see that bathroom when it's done!


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