Sunday, June 10, 2018

a mistake and unexpected rain

Saturday morning I watered the little backyard and the garden over at the shop. It had been a few days since I had watered the corn so I wanted to get it done before I left to get the mattress. I hadn't checked the weather in days since there was no hint of rain. Well, last Wednesday it rained just not on us. I could see it in the distance, the rain and lightning, coming back from yoga, I could hear the thunder once I reached home. So close yet so far. It hasn't rained in weeks, maybe not since I've been home. And so I took off Saturday morning, or rather late morning since I don't do anything early unless it's really important, like making a flight, with no idea that it would rain yesterday.

Made it to the futon store and selected and bought a mattress in record time and then headed for my daughter's house to meet up with the twins whose 20th birthday was Friday 

before they went back to their respective colleges and Robin who leaves for her trip to Israel in a few days thinking 'I hope she gave me the right mattress' ignoring the phone call on my cell that was an unrecognized number. Surprisingly I encountered rain as I neared home, looking nervously in the rear view mirror, that mattress is encased in plastic, right?

So nice to see rain and as I got closer and closer to home I realized that it was raining at home or had been but wasn't when I pulled into the driveway and so we muscled the mattress into the house. Hours later I noticed that there was a message on my phone which turned out to be from the futon store and please call her back right away as it was important. Drat, I thought, she gave me the wrong mattress which, as it turned out when I returned her call, she had. Told me that she would just let me keep it (a more expensive one than the one I bought) but it was the only one she had and already sold and the customer was coming to pick it up on Wednesday. So I expect she is driving out here today to bring me mine and pick up the other. So glad that's not me making the drive. So glad I hadn't unpackaged the mattress yet.

And so glad it had rained at home and then rained again after I got home. Now I have one more thing to add to my list of things I'm grateful for at yoga that I recite when Abby ends the session with a Jesus prayer. Something I would rather she didn't but she's the only game in town and I like Abby.

And Rocky showed up yesterday morning ready to work on setting the tile for the shower but he could only work until it started to rain as the adhesive he used didn't work that great in high humidity. Still, progress made and he's back today to continue.


  1. Well, I'd say all in all you had a pretty lucky day! I think the mattress woman really ought to let you keep it. Can't she just get another one?

    As for rain, we haven't had much here in the last few weeks either. We've been doing a lot of watering.

    1. as long as I don't have to make that drive to return it I don't really care. I like the one I bought. perhaps she can't get another one before Wednesday but so far haven't heard from her whether or not she's coming.

  2. Went to an art show yesterday and shot a pic of some cast glass I thought you would enjoy, it was the best of the show. Forgot to bring my phone into town with me.

  3. Hurray for rain! "Right as rain" is not just a saying.
    Your bathroom looks a lot like mine. Little spacers and all.

  4. We have had massive and unpredictable rains here as well. Glad that it worked out better than it could have!!

  5. As you know, we've had ridiculous amounts of rain this spring. In fact, we mowed today (a couple of days before we really needed to) because they're calling for more this week. Other than mowing though, I shall not complain about the rain - we'll have dry days soon enough!

  6. I would be doing a happy dance, if we got rain. Still waiting. If I had my way (I never do), I would not leave my house and grounds on the weekend. Not for anything. But family pressures and a lack of any amenity that I could walk to cycle to, leaves me no alternative. Your shower is starting to look functional!

  7. I suppose rain is required sometimes. Can not get excited here in underwater world. WOW, the girls!!!


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