Sunday, March 18, 2018

resolution of the blues and other matters

I'm having to keep the back door closed. I would rather it was open but the damn dirt daubers will not stay out! I finally gave up. I chased three of them out about mid-day and closed the door and while I was standing there looking out through the glass here came one of them back, buzzing around, looking for a way in, banging on the glass. I have to get a screen door.

I moved or it did but it didn't appreciate getting its picture taken and left

I've been getting my garden that I wasn't going to plant this year, planted. So far 8 tomatoes, 46 onions, 1 japanese eggplant, 1 bell pepper, 1 banana pepper (I threw away armloads of banana peppers from 4 plants last year). Still have part of the white bed and the whole big one.

I've put away the model making for now as it's hard to work while construction is going on and since the spring open house fizzled out, there's no rush to finish anything and I can't really get to the functioning kiln anyway with the garage full of construction materials and it's spring and the garden needs to be planted and the flower beds and landscaping need attending to, and things in pots need refreshing all before the interminable hot dry summer sets in and I'm going to be gone for most of the month of May.

And so because I gave in and planted a small garden at least and had Marc turn the water back on over at the shop which had been turned off for the weeks of lows in the 20s and just never turned back on, and hooked up the hose and...nothing, bubkis. Went around to the back corner faucet where it connects to the shop and some water came out, not great pressure and then it trickled to a stop. So, the clog is somewhere between the meter and the faucet. Underground. It's a long way from the faucet to the fence. In the meantime, I'm having to haul water over in buckets in the garden cart to water my newly planted garden. 

So, back to the blues, Rocky and Gunner came by Thursday morning to see if they were going to start painting or not. Gunner finished the ceiling and beadboard early Wednesday afternoon which gave me a chance to test out the two blue samples I had on some scrap pieces of sheetrock and then I held them up to the wall above the bead board and WHOA! Way too dark. So when the Rocky and Gunner Show showed up Thursday morning and Rocky asked me what color, I told him to go on with the yellow, that these were way too dark. So you're giving up on the blue, he asked? I shrugged. I'd have to waste another day picking a new color or two. If I want to do that, he says, he has to replace a bathtub in this other house and they could take care of that and get done there and paint on Friday. It seemed to be what Rocky wanted so I agreed.

Back to the paint store where I picked a nice light blue, a little grayer than baby blue, painted the piece of sheet rock and carried it in there and held it up above the painted beadboard and...the tint is good but it didn't thrill me, so yellow it is. All that's left is the trim, then the glass, then the floor. 

progress as of end of day Friday

I really like the blue color though, so I tested it out with the tile samples for the floor and shower and they go very well together. Now the plan is to paint the beadboard in the bathroom blue and the walls above it in one of the whites I'm looking at. 

Currently waiting to rise to the top of the plumbers list.


  1. There's a blue that we always end up painting a bedroom in and it's just about heavenly. It's got a tiny bit of violet in it, I think, but it's very, very light. Why am I telling you this? You'll never find it with just these words and you might not like it anyway.
    Yellow is awesome. It is cheerful and it is soothing and it is also enlivening. All at the same time.
    And right now, after working in the yard for some hours today I feel like I never want to touch a shovel or a plant again. The garden is begging for help and I just don't have the energy to do it all.

    1. I know that blue. I like it too. yesterday I went and bought the antique floor lamp I have wanted ever since I first started working at the antique store but never had a place to put it. this bedroom is going to have a lounger with the floor lamp for a reading corner in the room. also bought the two bedside tables she had for about 2 years that hadn't sold.

  2. I referred the space between my neighbors and myself as "the alley", and Laura laughed. New connotation,I guess. The alley has been blazing all day with sunshine, and it is good.

    1. alley sounds about right to me. and yay for sunshine!

  3. I can't wait to see the windows put in. The room already looks nice.
    We have a screen door, but what Old Man thought was a wasp got in today. He did not live. The flying insects are really busy what with the warm weather.
    Neat that you were able to get the things you wanted from the antique store.

  4. Hope you get that water situation worked out. Carrying buckets is no fun!

    Those mud-daubers are incredibly persistent. I remember dealing with them in Florida.

  5. You are slowly getting there. Much harder for artists to remodel and rebuild.

  6. I'm glad you picked yellow! :)

  7. I needed a walk. In the garden, through the house. Now I can settle back down to working. Thank you!


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