Wednesday, March 14, 2018

remodeling, part whatever

I'm going to stay with the yellow she says so I went to the paint store last week and brought back 7 blue paint chips. 

Even the lightest one looked so dark against the white wall. I suppose I could go back and get a whole new set of blues from the lightest group but leaving it yellow will be a remnant and remembrance of the week Jade and I spent painting that room. It's already going to be completely different. 

And so I had two objectives yesterday, go get a yard of dirt to top off the raised garden beds and go buy paint because today they are going to start painting. It's been taped and floated and sanded and textured and all day I was flipping back and forth but I bought the yellow. And a sample of the blue and I think I'm going to get a sample of another blue  

I've narrowed it down to these two

and get Rocky to start on the white today...the ceiling and trim and primer the bead board so I can dither one more day about the wall color. If I do decide on the blue, I'll just use the yellow over at the shop when we finally get at least one interior room rebuilt.

You can see that there is still a bead board section missing on the other end wall, the one that backs up to the little bathroom, because it gives access to the galvanized pipe to the toilet that has to be replaced if we ever rise to the top of the plumber's list.

the new exterior

And so I did get the yard of dirt and got the two small beds topped off so more shoveling for me today to get the rest done.

Here's two more gratuitous flower porn pics. The light was perfect yesterday, bright but suffused through a hazy cloud cover. The wisteria is coming into bloom.

the little yellow oxalis


  1. OMG, it just screams spring down there. I've gone out of the paint selecting business. If, for instance, I confidently thought I'd picked a blue to the yellow, both my sister and my granddaughters would have sent the chip straight to the No pile and volunteered to go back with me Fortunately, it's only fifteen minutes to Lowes.

  2. We have that same oxalis here. Surely one of nature's most versatile plants! (Weeds?)

    When Dave and I chose colors for our flat we literally just pointed at a page of samples and said, "That one." We chose all three rooms in about three minutes. Hopefully we won't regret any of them! Ha!

  3. I can never decide about decor either, but my brother's room was blue when we were growing up & since it just had one window it was so dark in there - so I would go with yellow just because of that memory. Ha!

  4. Hard to decide color for me also. Like that wisteria


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