Friday, June 16, 2017

it took all day but we got there

The day before we left was a frenzy...I had to clean house because I hate going on vacation and coming back to a dirty messy house, put up the batch of tomatoes that were approaching the edge (and still I took a huge bag of tomatoes to my daughter when we picked up the twins), mow the Little Backyard (have to do the whole thing with a trimmer as the lawn mower won't fit through the gate) because if I didn't my sister would need a machete to get to the back door to feed the cat, and pack. I think I fell into bed around 10 PM.

Since we live an hour and a half from the airport and had to stop on the way to get the twins and then park the car and get the shuttle to the airport and then check in our bags and go through security, we got up at 3:30 AM in order to leave the house at 4:30 AM to get to the airport at the recommended two hours before our 8:35 AM flight. We made record time though since it was so early and no traffic so by the time we did all that, we still had two hours to wait before they started boarding. Well, better too early than too late I guess but we could have used that extra hour's sleep.

First leg of the trip was to Dallas and we arrived a little before 10 AM to discover that our 11:15 flight to Maui was delayed til 1:15 which gave us time for food but also gave us another long wait in an airport.

Eventually though we boarded (those are the twins feet in the first row)

and arrived on Maui, picked up the rental car, and drove the 45 minutes or so to the resort which was about 10 minutes past Lahaina, checked in, and went for dinner in time to see the sun set while a lovely lady danced the hula.


  1. I am a firm believer in getting to the airport too early rather than too late! Can't wait to see more of your photos, and glad you're home safely!

  2. Gorgeous skies. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Taking notes in case I ever get the chance to go;)

  3. Too bad about that delay at the airport but hopefully you can now settle in to enjoying paradise.

  4. Phew! Why is preparing to go on vacation so much WORK? I guess it's the universe's way of ensuring that you darn well appreciate the down time when you finally get it.
    What a sunset!

  5. One of the things I like when I have visited Maui...a few to listen to the local radio and local Hawaiian music while driving around.

  6. This is why I hate travel. I know, I know, it's not really that bad but it drives me insane- the airport deal.
    But. Jeez. Those skies make it worth it, don't they?

  7. Sounds wonderful. I know someone who lives in Maui and she has longed to return to the small town where our farm is for a long time (it is the armpit of America.) When my family gets me down, I always tell them I moving to Hawaii and I've never even been there.


  8. Good for you; great for the girls. I cannot imagine putting together such an undertaking.

    1. and while Marc told the girls we would take them, it fell to me to make all the arrangements from travel to everything we did while there.

  9. I'm delighted you didn't have any real travel problems, and even if you'd had a few, those sunsets would have made up for them! I'm glad you're home safely.

  10. I start hyperventilating (not really, but close) if I don't get to the airport early. I'm a hurry up & wait kind of gal. But what a fabulous reward for all that airport sitting!


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