Sunday, June 4, 2017

see you on the flip side

Did I mention we are going on vacation this month? We're leaving Tuesday and taking the twins to Hawaii for a week to reward them for all their hard work, four days on Maui and three days on Hawaii. Not looking forward to the actual traveling part. We'll have to leave the house about 4:30 in the morning to pick them up and get to the airport and all that stuff. Our flight leaves at 8:30 AM.  Leaving politics news, no FB, no Twitter.  It will be a relief.

The corn man was at the market yesterday, sweet hybrid corn, organic and comes with the occasional worm. Fewer this year than previous years. Worms, that is. 20 ears for $7 with two extra thrown in because...worms. Somehow last year we missed him altogether. So yesterday I was putting up 21 ears (only one total reject) because I don't have enough to do between then and Tuesday when we leave. Still have a bunch of tomatoes to put up too because otherwise I'll just have to toss them in the compost pile which may be their fate anyway. Those damn plants are still putting on fruit though they aren't getting very big now before they start to ripen. Those that ripen while we are gone will be my sister's problem.

So a couple of days ago, something stated smelling bad in the kitchen. I thought maybe it was something in the compost bin so I dumped it on the compost pile but it didn't seem to get rid of the smell. I took the bottom drawer in the row out thinking maybe there was something dead down at the bottom of the cabinet but nothing but roach parts and crap so I cleaned out the mess and emptied the drawer, then I checked the next two, nada. Finally pulled out the top drawer where the few cookbooks and printed out recipes are kept and ewww, a dead mouse! How the hell did it get in there and why the hell would it want to be in there in the first place and if it got in there to begin with why didn't it climb back out? And why the hell did it climb in that drawer to die? So of course that nasty smell had impregnated everything in the drawer, had to spread everything out on the outside table to air out all day and sprayed it all liberally citrus air freshener. The cookbooks are OK but the loose recipes still have a lingering odor. I didn't put those back in the drawer and I'm hoping it will have dissipated by the time we get back. Sure am glad it didn't wait til after we left to climb in there and die. Wouldn't that have been a wonderful homecoming.

So I don't leave you with the image of a stinking dead mouse, here's a few things seen around the yard the last week or so.

a new bromeliad

the same bromeliad with toads

Big Mama

a little snail on the toad lily

a fungi that was shriveled up an hour later

a plumeria seed pod that popped

native hibiscus


  1. I don't appreciate the slugs that camp out on our hostas, but your snail really is cute. It looks like a cartoon version of the real thing.
    Sorry about the mouse - ours (I hope) stick to the basement, where we have a constant war of sticky traps and spring traps going.

  2. Hawaii! Sounds like a dream. I hope y'all have the very, very best time ever and just let the cares and woes slide off your back and into the beautiful water. What wonderful grandparents you guys are!
    Gosh. Don't you just love trying to figure out where the dead smell is coming from? I know I do! Really glad you found the little critter. Your flowers are gorgeous, Ellen. I do love a bromeliad.

  3. It was clearly trying to find out how to cook cat. Glad you found it at last.

  4. HI sounds real nice I have been there this time of year and it is perfect

  5. Have a wonderful time keeping up with those girls. Put up a "No mouses welcome" sign on your door.

  6. Mice love to tear up everything in my drawers to build a nest. Love the pictures. I prefer leaving the corn on the cobs, but often cut it off to save room in the freezer. Hawaii? Sounds like a dream. Hope you go snorkeling.

  7. I always love your flora & fauna, but the toads are an especial favorite :)

    Have a FABULOUS time in Hawaii! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  8. The hibiscus is stunning! Have a marvelous trip and a well deserved rest from the news.


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