Friday, June 2, 2017

the current list and it's no better than the previous lists, depressing but best to stay informed

This man is pure evil, cares nothing for anyone or anything but his ego. Trump is turning the US into just a bigger and more dangerous N. Korea, aligning us with Russia and would turn us into a totalitarian regime and the Republicans, who are just as complicit, will let him. They care nothing for democracy either, only about staying in power. He loved Saudi Arabia because there were no demonstrations, no protests, and he thinks Americans are disrespectful. I flip back and forth from angry to hopeless. I know there are serious investigations going on and eventually some of these people will be taken down but it's not happening fast enough! The only bright spot is the many governors, mayors, and individuals (CEO Michael Bloomberg has offered to pay the $15 million to the UN operating budget for the Paris Accords that the US was expected to contribute) that are standing up and standing against. If 'make America great again' means abdicating our role as a world leader and a light unto the nations, then he has succeeded...

The Assistant Attorney General, because Sessions had to recuse himself because he's fucking involved, appointed an Independent Counsel at the FBI to continue the investigation, a man that both parties find honorable. True, Trump can fire him as well but it will be much harder thanks to the terms laid out by the Ass't AG when he wrote up the order, not to mention how much worse it will look for Trump to have fired two heads of the same investigation. And of course, Trump responded like he always does whining about how unfair he is being treated.

A transcript, and apparently the tape itself, has surfaced of a conversation between Republican congressmen when it came out that Trump and another Senator were thought to be being paid by the Russians and Paul Ryan stopped that dead in the water and swore everyone to secrecy...what happens in the House, stays in the House.

Democrats have produced proof that Pence was told back in November that Flynn was getting paid by Turkey.

After Trump sang Turkish president Erdogan's praises at the White House, Erdogan ordered his bodyguards to beat up the peaceful protesters outside the Turkish Embassy. Trump's response? Silence.

The White House is trying to keep the Office of Government Ethics from viewing documents detailing which former lobbyists have been hired by the Trump administration for positions in the federal government.

After Comey's testimony before Congress, Trump contacted the Director of National Intelligence, Daniel Coates, and the director of the National Security Agency, Adm. Michael Rogers, in an attempt to pressure them to publicly deny the existence of any evidence of collusion during the 2016 election. The two men refused to comply.

Trump, during his visit to the Middle East told a room full of Israelis in Israel that he had just come from the Middle East.

Wilber Ross, Trump's Commerce Secretary, thinks the lack of protest in Saudi Arabia, which is punishable by death, is a good thing.

Trump, on his trip to Israel, told Netanyahu at the end of a press conference, with the press still present, that he didn't mention Israel to the Russians...just so you understand — I never mentioned the word or the name Israel in conversation. Never mentioned it.”...totally confirming the source of the intel he bragged about to the Russians.

Trump admits firing Comey over the investigation into Russian contact and then tells the Russians that Comey was a nut job and he fired him and now the pressure of the investigation was off.

Not only did Comey create a memo directly after his dinner with Trump when Trump asked him to drop the Flynn investigation, so did Mike Rogers of the NSA when Trump asked him to lean on Comey to end the investigation.

Trump's AG Jeff Sessions, who perjured himself during his confirmation hearing, also lied via omission about his contacts with the Russians on his security clearance form.

And speaking of omitting information on contacts with Russians on their security clearance forms, so did scumbag Jared Kushner who buys low rent properties and then sues ex-tenets that had already moved out for breaking their leases.

Not only did Trump spill highly secret intelligence to the Russians, he told Phillipine president Duterte the secret location of two of our nuclear submarines.

While we're on the subject of spilling intelligence, information from the investigation of the Manchester bombing made it's way into our news before the Manchester investigators made it public and now they are refusing to share any more information with us.

In another show of vindictiveness, Trump sent Sean Spicer back to the US early depriving him of meeting the Pope, the one thing as a Catholic he truly wanted to do.

After promising in a January press conference that his company would donate all profits from foreign governments, Trump now says it's more trouble than it's worth to determine exactly how much that would be in order to comply with the emoluments clause of the Constitution. Too hard and too much trouble to comply with the Constitution which he calls archaic and not good for the country.

Trump and Pence have both recorded robocalls in support of the Republican candidate in Montana where robocalls are illegal. Their work around was to have an actual person dial the phone and ask whoever answered if they would like to hear a recording.

Because his ego demands that he be front and center of any photo op, Trump rudely pushed other NATO leaders aside and barged his way to the front for the photos of the NATO meeting in Brussels.

Trump's White House put out, and reported by Fox that Trump was the first sitting American president to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem...well, except for Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton.

During a meeting with Netanyahu in Israel, Trump got a blank look on his face, stood up and wandered off and his aides had to bring him back.

Mitch McConnell, Senate majority leader, thought congressional procedure worked just fine for the last 8 years while they obstructed everything President Obama tried to do. Now that Democrats are doing their best to obstruct the cruelties of Republican policies and the shoe is on the other foot, he thinks that congressional procedure doesn't work so well.

Trump, on his first international trip to meet with other world leaders praised the repressive Saudi regime from which most of the 9/11 attackers came from, making a $110 billion arms deal with them allowing our arms and helicopters to be made in Saudi Arabia while in his meeting with European leaders lectured them about not paying their 'fair share' for NATO proving once again that he does not understand how NATO works and declined to re-commit the United States to Article 5 which says an attack on one is an attack on all making it dependent on whether or not the attacked country was spending enough on defense in his opinion.

Trump also refused to commit to honoring the Paris Accords telling them he had to think about it and then days later, out of spite against anyone and everyone who doesn't adore him, announced he was pulling the US out of the agreement putting us on the side with the only two nation in the world who did not sign on, Syria and Nicaragua, because he doesn't believe in global warming. Well, I always said that human beings would be one of Mother Earth's least successful lifeforms because of our arrogance. Too bad we will change her face in our death throes and I never thought it would begin in MY lifetime.

Trump's performance in Europe was so poor that Angela Merkel has stated that Europe can no longer count on the United States.

White nationalism/terrorism has risen dramatically given a big boost by Trump and verbal and physical attacks by whites on non-whites and non-christians have also increased dramatically. In one such recent attack, a white man was verbally attacking two women he took to be muslims and three men came to their defense. The attacker, wielding a knife, murdered two of these heroes, wounded the third, and then called it an act of patriotism. Trump's response? Total silence.

While Trump has had nothing to say about the murder of the two men who stood up to protect American citizens from a white terrorist, he did manage to congratulate a Republican, who physically assaulted a reporter days before his election, on his win in Montana.

Jess Sessions, Trump's AG who is supposed to be tough on crime, accused the NYC police department of being soft on crime while he gave corporate criminal banks a slap on the hand and a small fine. But, hey, if you get caught with little marijuana you can expect to be jailed for life in a for-profit prison.

In his continuing effort to undo everything Obama did, Trump has announced that he will rescind the looser relations with Cuba.

Trump, who always puts his business and bank account before country, admitted that his difficulty in opening golf courses in Europe influenced his EU views.

Russia demanded their diplomatic property in the US back 'or else' that Obama denied them access to for spying and Putin's lapdog Trump will oblige them.

Conservatives and Trump were angry about a comedian's photo of holding a bloody fake Trump head but they have no problem cozying up to Saudi Arabia who regularly beheads people.

Trump's White House has issued 17 ethics waivers for his staff (more than Obama did in 8 years). What does that tell you about the ethical nature of his staff?

And speaking of his staff, people are resigning and he can't find anyone to replace them, he still has many positions left unfilled crippling the government, he would replace many others who he thinks aren't loyal enough but he can't find anyone who wants to work for/under him.


  1. Biggest cluster fuck in the history of the universe?
    I don't know but it sure is close.

  2. Every time we think we have hit rock bottom, the bottom gets deeper. I KNEW you were going to be posting today, Maybe I need to know this stuff, but I find myself withdrawing more. I never realized that any one person, if put into office, was in a position to do so much damage. I don't get how Congress does not stop something as vital as environmental protection. And I blame the entire fiasco on the fact that money is the root of the evil.

    1. I know I have no business in this mess but if you withdraw it only adds to his 'power' over everyone. Congress has to know who's side you are on.

    2. absolutely Leigh. it's why I publish these lists.

  3. To think that they haven't already removed him from office - he needs to be tarred and feathered and run out of town. I sure hope someone will leak his tax records. Don't know what else will convince the morons that voted for Trump, the moron.

  4. It just hit me this morning while running errands that the mouth breathers are running the U.S. since all of Trump's moves are designed to keep them happy and him re-elected.

  5. Well we're still conversing on his latest manouvers every morning. They pop up on our breakfast news. My reaction today was just doesn't he realise how selfish pulling out of Paris is! Cake and eat it. The rest of the world cleans up giving him cleaner water and air but. ...

  6. Hoping this list made you feel better. Not sure if the GOP has a clue anymore as they give all this a pass while they hang on to their jobs. Has anyone read anything about the horror of Putin's Russia?

    1. couldn't possibly make me feel better. hopefully it energizes anyone who is starting to turn a blind eye.

  7. I don't like to interfere in the politics of another country. But quite frankly your President is barking mad.

    1. I could not agree more. Barking mad and dangerous in his pathetic need for adulation.

  8. I, like so many of you, thought that I had seen our demise and the worst that could happen, but the coffin nails of heinous shit just keep coming and coming. I can't imagine that even if there was to be a sudden realization by the congress and senate that we are screwed in the world view, that there is ever going to be enough time, effort or money do undo what the ConMan der in Chief has done to the US. My sadness is bottomless at this point, but I will continue to do whatever I can to RESIST this asshole and the others like him.

    1. so true. he has shown that the US cannot be trusted. now they know that our word is only as good as the guy in office.

  9. Why would any decent ethical person ever want to be associated with this stupid, lazy, egocentric president?
    Interesting that the leaks are internal before people either leave or are fired by this administration.
    It is just inconceivable that there are so many ill informed, gullible people in this country. My head hurts just thinking of the horrors.

  10. I may have missed it on a previous list, but don't forget the heinous FCC. Now they're voting on whether to legalize robocallers just putting their worthless crap directly in to your voice mail box. And then there is the end of net neutrality. Oh yes and let us not forget federal agencies are ignoring Democrats' requests for information and that has become policy. It just never ends with these people. Impressive compilation of crimes against humanity.

    1. it's hard to keep up with it all, but yeah, the whole ignoring request for documents thing. and the GOP has passed something giving themselves immunity from prosecution. they slipped that in under the radar but I'm not sure that's legal and sure to be challenged in court.


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