Sunday, January 8, 2017

like a yoyo

It's cold outside. Cold cold cold. Not just cold, frozen! It was 20˚ when I got up Saturday morning. I was expecting around 27˚ not 20˚. Just about the only things untouched are the roses and the pansies, and the azaleas of course. Well, and the ferns but everything else...mush. Or will be when it thaws out. The birdbaths...frozen. 

The tubs of water plants...frozen, or at least a thick ice layer. 

The water lily pond was iced over around the edges even though the water is moving. Big Mama is hunkered down in her pond as close to the pump as she can get as it produces a little heat and the goldfish are all snuggled up together in one of the holes of the mortar brick on the bottom of the pond.

I did bring a few more things into the house and garage Friday, covered the ones in the garage as best I could with sheets and put a little space heater out there to help keep them warm. And I cut back the two yellow angel trumpets in the yard deep enough to fit under a big bucket, reasoning that they would freeze to the ground otherwise.

Here's something amazing. When you go outside when it is 20˚ and then again when it is 35˚ and the sun is shining and there is no wind, 35˚ feels warm. It finally warmed up to 42˚ yesterday, supposed to be 10˚ warmer today. I stayed inside for the most part, making the occasional short foray into the yard, working on another wax model since I had finished the hibiscus flower.

This morning it was 27˚ when I got up. Everything still frozen and looking even more miserable if that's possible. One night in the 20s was bad enough, two nights and even the pansies look like they have been sugared.

This is the last of it though for this go round. In two days it's supposed to be back up in the mid 70s like it was last Wednesday.


  1. It has been like that here, as well. Not in the 70's, but it will jump back into the high 40's, low 50's. When the sun shines, the trees get confused and try to set buds. It was single digits last night and the puppy refused to pee outside!

  2. Yep. As usual, we got your weather a day later. Froze hard last night. Beautiful today but going to freeze again tonight.
    Hard to complain when our winter is so short, but damn- it's cold.

  3. Hell, Ellen. Winter is hell. Can't stand it and ice storm coming the end of the week. I'd rather have tornadoes.

  4. It is hard not to plant early here when the nights begin to warm. I posted a ice formation that looks like a splash and said it was so cold it froze when it splashed.Got one person to question what the temp was to do that. It was 11 a bit a go.Warmed to 24 yesterday.Had a few days of 0 for the wind chill here.

  5. I saturated the garden with anemones and they're like the flying finger to freezing. Once they were up, by damn, they were up! Sadly, I must wait until March for anemones. Though it will be fifty for the day on Wednesday.

  6. Hard to believe it could return to the 70s so quickly.

  7. Yes indeed That is some Yo-yo, the garden must be so confused, in shock, it will be interesting to see what survives. LOVE your work, extraordinary!!

  8. My birdbath, geraniums and lantana (the only two things I seem to be able to grow anymore) are looking exactly like yours.
    It was about 20 here last night and the wind screamed through the neighborhood. However, unlike the industrious you, I am staying in my pajamas all day. I hate that, but it must be done.

  9. Seems like everyone I know is experiencing this cold weather. It was 14 degrees at my sister-in-law's house in NC the other day (plus they got about 6-9 inches of snow). Of course, it was 1 degree here, but we're in Ohio so it's supposed to be that cold!


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