Thursday, January 19, 2017

not the post I planned but the one that got written

I could have written about many things today, on the edge as we are in this country of a paradigm shift.

I could have written about Obama's last day and that when he walks out for the last time as President he will be taking all the hope that he brought with him back out, all the quiet strength and dignity and grace he and his family showed in the face of outright contempt and hatred and bigotry and constant obstruction from Congress not because of the content of his character but because of the color of his skin. Even so he brought this country back from economic disaster and advanced civil rights and gave America a leader the rest of the world respected.

I could have written about the congressional hearings for Trump's cabinet picks which would be hilarious if it weren't for the fact that our feckless congress will go ahead and approve these totally unqualified and interest conflicted campaign donors.

I could have written about the midnight congressional votes attempting to get rid of the Congressional Ethics Committee, targeting the ACA, and any outgoing last minute rules Obama may try to put in place.

I could of written about all the government supported programs, like the National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, PBS, Public Radio that are going to go immediately on the chopping block since there will be no presidential veto. Not satisfied with that they are also targeting Social Security and Medicare, and most scarily the 1st Amendment.

I could have written about Trump's enormous conflicts of interest, being in a position of power to boost every corner of his real estate, licensing, and merchandising empire not to mention his and his family's personal fortunes which the Republican party is just brushing off as inconsequential.

Or the fact that more and more evidence is surfacing about election tampering not only by Russia but by the Republican party.

Or that our president-elect is under the influence of Putin who reportedly has film of him with prostitutes.

Or Trump's scorn for our intelligence gathering agencies, his refusal to read the briefings and his dismissal of the contents, as well as the Secret Service preferring to keep his thug bodyguards on hand.

Or that Trump wants to institute military parades. You know, like they have in Russia, China, and North Korea.

Or that Trump still really does not want to be president. He's taking a three day vacation as his first act in office when he has only named appointees to 29 of the 690 administration posts that need senate confirmation while telling our ambassadors and the head of the National Guard to be out by midnight tomorrow.

Or that Trumplethinskin is still acting like a petulant third grader and is doing everything he can to suppress the press.

I could have written about all that and more but scrolling through all this on FB was depressing enough and so I plan to stick my head in the...oh look! A dandelion blooming in the grass two days after the deep freeze.


  1. I, too, posted flowers.
    Words fail.

  2. It's scary, infuriating, maddening, crazy-making... Sigh.

    But I do love dandelions!

  3. It is pitiful Ellen. I couldn't pick a worse man for President. Ted Cruz or Sarah Palin maybe, but Trump is such a terrible choice. I won't be watching much news anymore. Can't bear to see him even speak. Obama will be remembered as a good President and man. Hopefully, we'll just have to give Trump a little time to screw it all up, but I think everyone, including the press, is letting him off lightly.

  4. Feel exactly the depressed about this awful chain of events...

  5. Yeah. So glad you didn't write about all of that. We'll just see how it all unfolds. At least I hope the future unfolds and doesn't collapse.

  6. I keep falling back on....I didn't cause it, I can't cure it, I can't change it. Give it to my Higher Power.
    Deeeeeep Breath.....another....another.

  7. Thanks for writing all this so I don't have to. The next four years are going to be a bumpy ride.

  8. Ellen, you are wonderful. As always, thank you for your words.

  9. So nice to count on kindred spirits here. It is going to be a LONG four years. Thanks, Ellen.
    You always say it like it is.

  10. LOL!!! oh look... a dandelion! We are SO SCREWED!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. You summed this mess up quite well. I have felt such hope for the last eight years. I'm usually not one to feel totally helpless, but I hear myself saying, "God help us" often these days. I, too, will stop watching most news shows. I love politics but this is not politics - this is greed, conspiracy, idiocy, and meanness all rolled into one huge tragedy. It is a sad day.

  12. Yes. He is being sued this very day by the ACLU based on conflict of interest with real estate holdings. I am recommended we send money to those who can help fight our battles the old fashioned way...using the Constitution.

    1. yes, we have sent funds to the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and PP. I also sponsored a woman to march on the capital since I won't be going.

  13. Those first dandelions are always notable

  14. I'm with you, sister. I'm with you.


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