Thursday, April 28, 2016

bluebirds on the wing

Late March I noticed that bluebirds were nesting in the birdhouse on the bunker wall over at the shop. 

I got a shot of the eggs and then kept an eye on it.

By April 3 the babies had hatched.

April 6

April 7

April 9

April 11

April 13

Then I sort of forgot about them, had a rainy day, absorbed in the postcard and didn't check again til I got home from work at the antique store the next Saturday.



  1. Amazing pictures, Ellen!
    We've often had bluebirds around here, but no sign of them this year.

  2. I was seeing so much bluebird activity. Now none. I wonder if the babies got eaten or if they've grown up.

  3. grow/live fast! FLY! thanks for the great photos of the process.

  4. What a sweet thing to record. Thanks so much for showing that.
    Boy, little birds grow so fast it's like watching time lapsed photography.
    I could see just a tiny edge of blue on one of the wings - sweet.

  5. Beautiful things do not last! I am surprised they left so fast! I thought they might start imprinting on YOU. Lost our bluebirds to some predator last year and none this year. Maybe I should go out and sing to them.

  6. Here today, gone tomorrow. Maybe another family will come back next year.

  7. Bird families can make me so nervous. I watched a pair of cardinals fledge a few years ago. I'm told the parents want to get them out of the nest fast, to avoid predators. That sounded counter-intuitive to me, but apparently the bushes do just fine for security. It's great that you got the photos. I really enjoyed seeing them.

  8. They can fledge fast. I hope the parents use this box again, i have had them do it up to 4 times in a season.Sometimes the youngsters stick around .


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