Tuesday, April 26, 2016

one never knows what one is going to see

Yesterday, I was sitting at my work station and heard a raucous cry. I looked up to see a peacock walking parallel to the road across my neighbor's yard.

Grabbed my device and ran around to get some shots of it as it moseyed on down the road.

About 20 minutes later I looked up to see it in my side yard headed for the front. Again I dashed around to get some pictures.

It's not everyday you see a peacock strutting down the street in front of your house.


  1. If the eggs my neighbor has under one of her hens hatches, it may be a common scene in Lloyd soon.

  2. Love it! I think they're so cool - although obviously they can be a pain in the ass too :)

  3. A pretty well-plumed male looking for a female?

  4. Hope it found it's home, otherwise I would have coaxed it into mine. I saw a pair for $100 in the shopper the other day.

  5. I was working on a boat in a private canal in League City a few years ago. When I heard the most unearthly screams that went on and on, I called the owner of the boat and said, "Uh -- do you often hear screaming in your neighborhood? Should I call the police?" He laughed and laughed. Then, he told me which house to look at. There they were -- a pair, up on the roof, hollering away. Goodness. They're pretty, but they sure are loud.

  6. Wow, what a treat! I think I've only once or twice seen a live peacock.
    They're so beautiful, not just in their feathers, but in the way they so majestically walk, as if trailing a coronation robe. But yes, they do have the strangest call for such a pretty bird.
    Hope he found his way home...unharmed.

  7. They are good wanderers and I have seen them (in other states) in the woods looking for food. They have such lovely feathers and tails but are really pretty hardy. Maybe it has gotten out of its yard? The call is usually a territorial thing.


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