Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I spy in my little eye

Except I don't. It feels like I have a rock in my right eye. I woke up yesterday with my eyes feeling grainy which happens when I miss a few days taking the krill oil supplement that the eye doctor recommended because I have some clogged glands in my eyes which turns out is genetic since my brother and my niece have the same problem. Maybe even my sister. But that's not what this is. I don't know what the hell this is but it hurts.

It feels better if I close my eyes but it's kind of hard to get any work done with my eyes closed. Yesterday, as long as I was looking down at the paper and concentrating on what I was drawing, it didn't bother me but as soon as I looked up or around, it returned to being painful and watering. I had Marc look at my eye, which by that time was pretty red from me rubbing it, and he couldn't see anything. I can't see anything because I can't get my eyes to focus through my glasses to see that close up.

I was hoping that it would heal itself and be gone overnight and when I got up this morning, it did feel much improved but the longer I was awake, the more it hurt. I've got my hair pulled back in a tight little bun because every stray wisp that touches around my eyes just maddens me and I mean mad as in insane.

So, what the fuck, life? I had months waiting for this work to come in when I had time to deal with some sort of ailment. Now, now that I'm starting on these drawings, you want to afflict me?

Well, after consulting the All-Knowing Oracle, I've determined I might be getting a stye but I have yet to see any little bump or I guess it could be pink eye.

Great. This is just fucking perfect.


  1. Oh gawd, Ellen. I am sooo sorry that you have to go through a shitty/funky thing like this, period. But to have it overshadow your work must be maddening - not to mention the pain.
    I will hope and hope that it is something like a stye or at least has a short duration. Meanwhile, hang in there. Maybe a good cry would fix it?:)

  2. Could be a scratched cornea? I don't know. But if it continues you know you have to go see a doctor. I'm sorry. Just writing those words makes my stomach knot. But honey- you need your eyes.

  3. So it's the lid, which would be where a stye forms. Do you have antibiotic drops? If it's bothering you tomorrow, don't wait till Friday as you won't get much done over the weekend. I'm with Moon. Corneal abrasions need drops and gauze taped down over closed eyelid to give it time to heal. We've had many scratched corneas, but I won't mention the corneal ulcerations. PS ~ I am not above using vet meds and Tractor Supply has an over the counter opthalmic antibiotic ointment in a small tube (yes, the exact same thing used for humans.)

  4. Terrible timing for an eye ailment. I hope this doesn't halt your progress. Take care.

  5. Well, damn. No matter what it is, get to the doctor and kick start the cure.

  6. Nothing to fool with, I would get it checked

  7. To the doctor with you: el pronto. Messing around with eyes is not recommended. You know that, but the sooner you deal with it, the sooner it will be healed. You're right about the timing. It couldn't be worse.

  8. Hot damn, Ellen. That sucks. I know how frustrating and painful eye problems can be. And to arrive at the worst time for you, too. Not fair.

    If I were you, I would go to see the doctor. Eyes can go back rather quickly.


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