Sunday, March 20, 2016

day trip

I came home Thursday with a deposit check for the little residential job. Friday, the check for the big job came. But that one I'm not cashing yet.

So now, I am back to work. This little residential job is a full lite door to the bedroom and 8 cabinet doors in the kitchen. I'll start on the full size art work Monday, or rather, Tuesday. Monday is already accounted for. I'm having a 'well woman' exam. This is a big deal. I don't go to the doctor unless I need to and I don't get sick so I hardly ever need to. As my retired neurosurgeon friend told us, don't go to the doctor, they'll always find something wrong. But now I have insurance yay Medicare and it's been about 10 years at least since I've been poked and prodded. Just want to make sure the lady parts are still in good form.

But I digress.

So, Friday, my sister and I went to another estate sale up in the Hill Country. This one was beyond our usual radius, it took us an hour to get there, but we thought it would be worth the drive...a house, a barn, and a 2,000 sq ft storage building that was 'filled with antiques and all sorts of stuff'. Sounded like a picker's dream. In reality, not so much. 

It was filled with stuff all right, but mostly junk. Like this pink beaded and glammed up chandelier.

Or a skull decorated with buttons and feathers for $25.

The antiques were all in really bad shape and the rest of the stuff in almost decent shape was not to our taste.

I liked this old metal kitchen counter that needed lots of work that they had an outlandish price on.

The house was actually attached to the horse barn. Walk out the front door and there are the horse stalls with the tack room/barn at the other end.

Some of these sales just leave you scratching your head not only at the stuff they are selling but the prices attached to it. Like sections of cedar tree trunk or containers of rocks for $10.


When we left there we decided to go to another estate sale that was about 16 miles away, four houses. Siri took us on every back county road to get there

and I swear it took twice as long as just going down the state highway but it was a nice scenic drive and we got to see some cool stuff like this old church and cemetery out in the middle of nowhere

and this country store in Moravia, population 26 (the sign reads 'one of the oldest country stores in Texas'). Food, music, and pool; what more could you ask for. 

We would just stop in the middle of the road to take pictures

like this acacia tree in full bloom.

As it turned out, that particular estate sale didn't start until the next day oops. So we headed into Schulenburg (population 2,852) to find some lunch and stumbled on this cute little Garden Company and Marketplace Cafe. We ate on the patio out back. Wonderful atmosphere and great food. This dinky little town has a better place than the whole of Wharton with it's 8,000+ people.

After we browsed through the little nursery and gift shops we headed home.


  1. Now that was a day trip/adventure. Cannot imagine who they are selling that stuff to.

  2. Too bad you didn't find any treasure on your excursion but the hunt is the best part of the fun.

  3. Must have been an old guy. Crazy. Looks like he'd been dumpster diving in the wrong part of town.

  4. Someone sure is proud of their boxes of rocks.
    My NP is forcing me in to an "annual" in order to get my prescriptions refilled. I understand her reasoning but I am already losing sleep over the prospect.

  5. I would happily have piled into the back seat for a trip like that.
    I'd even have admired the box of rocks.

  6. In years past, I have gotten a few interesting items at estate sales. Now, I am glad when I walk out with nothing. I need not to bring anything else into my house.

  7. Six bucks for a rock seems like pretty ambitious pricing! But I bet some adventurous person will go for that pink chandelier. :)

    I love thrift shop and yard sale road trips!

  8. I have a bunch of junk for free, including 3 cows and 2 deer left behind in a carcass pile.We will burn them this week with lots of goodies left by the previous owners. LOL I filled a slide dumpster with just metal crude.

  9. This sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. I love just getting away like that and letting the adventure find you. Hope all is well with the lady parts. xoxo Oma Linda

  10. A full lite door and 8 cabinet doors.. And that's the little job?! I can't imagine how big the big job is. Except for having seen already some of your big pieces, yes, the big job must be very big indeed. You have my admiration.

    I've just about given up on junking, seen enough to last me a lifetime. Suddenly I'm hankerin' for something new. I don't have one single piece of furniture that didn't belong to someone else at one time. Before I die I would like to have one piece of furniture that had only my own bacteria one it.

  11. thinking that maybe they collected those very common looking rocks on special trips or something...crazy pricing! Loved what you covered in a day! Great photos of a time well spent and not much dollars!

  12. There are rip-off places like that here, too. I don't know who buys their worthless stuff. The real finds are usually found off the beaten path. Your best find was the cafe and garden center - wish we had a place like that near here.

  13. I was out and about Sunday, and mde it down as far south as the San Bernard refuge. The huisache was glorious, everywhere. I've never seen so much. I was glad to hear about that little cafe in Schulenberg, too.I like places like that.

  14. That sounds like a fabulous day - just the kind that Mike & I used to enjoy before we had to drive so much for our jobs.


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