Sunday, March 27, 2016

some wild things and some not so wild things

The bluebonnets in the yard are nearing full bloom I think

and the evening primrose too.

And the baby blue eyes.

The little red lilies are in decline. Not exactly a wildflower but they are the first things to bloom and they do spread like wild things.

The indian paintbrush has been in full bloom. I noticed two small clumps on the edge of the ditch on the shop side of the street.

Mixed in were these startlingly blue 'scarlet pimpernel' along with the more normal coral version. In fact, I've never seen them this color before.

Very few of the poppies, which were so abundant last year, came back this year or rocket larkspur either since I failed to throw the seed I had collected at the right time of year

but the mock dogwood is coming into bloom.

I have some volunteer sunflowers coming up from the seeds scattered by the birds from the totem bird feeder.

Meanwhile, this little finch decided the tea cup was a good place to take a nap.

This little frog was on the nun's orchid when I pulled the pot away from the wall

and these guys are snugged down in a bromeliad.

You can't see her but there is a bluebird sitting on three beautiful blue eggs in there.

And then there is this wild thing.


  1. Beautiful dog!
    My friend's evening primrose open at dusk. Are these open during the day?

  2. What a beautiful and glorious yard. Seems as if everything is blooming.

  3. Gave me a giggle with the wild thing at the end.Love your frogs, but see a lupine for blue bonnets. I see two different heights of plants here and have a tract over 2 miles I enjoy to visit.

  4. isn't Texas full of bluebonnets and aren't they the flowers cultivated for cancer meds? or am I thinking of pot...anyway, they are very sweet, your garden is delightful as usual. Of course the frogs have won me over, such good shots of them.Sunshine must be a good thing...I would not know.

  5. We have the primrose and bluebonnets where I live, but nothing compares to the Texas bluebonnets.

  6. Oh, Ellen, I want to pack a bag and head your way. Such bright beauty! Especially from your wild thing. ;-D

  7. Lots of flowers out your way! It's great to see them all come back year after year in blogland. :)

  8. I'm so glad you included the orange and blue pimpernel. I knew the orange was pimpernel, but I found it all over the Brazoria wildlife refuge, mixed with the blue. I had no idea what the blue flowers were, and you've just saved me who knows how much time trying to identify them! Many thanks!

    Down around the San Bernard refuge, the wild iris are -- well, going wild. Blue, purple, yellow, white. They were just gorgeous. Of course they aren't as plump and sassy as the cultivars, but they were wonderful to see.

  9. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Even Minnie :)


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