Sunday, January 18, 2015

blue sky and more shop talk

After nearly 8 consecutive days of cold, wet, and overcast we finally got some sun. It is even warm enough that Big Mama is out sunning herself. I strolled around the yard looking for something to photograph but without snow to disguise all the dead foliage, that's all that's out there...dead foliage. Not very photogenic.

Today would be a good day to work out in the yard, not to cut back the aforementioned dead foliage, that will stay til spring to help protect the still living parts of the plants, but to dig and to transplant. I still have many things in pots that need to go in the ground. But I won't be doing that.

What I will be doing is packing up the 13 finished Botanicas to send them to a gallery for their Feb. 5 opening. They won't be part of the show which is local artists, but they will be installed on the front wall opposite the door and they are going to send out a special announcement about the installation.

The two missing ones in this photo are at the frame shop.

My preference has always been to wait til they are all finished and to have them be part of a show with an opening but I have been vacillating back and forth over that. I had hoped we would have the last seven pieces finished by the end of January but then we had to do those pieces for the show in March for a different gallery and the one interested in the Botanicas offered me this opportunity because the first available show slot they have will be in the middle of the year, if then. So, I have decided to send them and when the last 7 are done, I will send them as a small installation. And speaking of those last 7, Marc has finally started on the molds for them so maybe they will be finished by the end of February or mid-March at the latest.

So, the last small sculpted bowl is in the kiln. The LAST one. Doing these the last month has brought home to us just how much work they are and just how little we got/get compensated for them so it's a relief in another way to know we are done with them.


  1. beautiful set of botanica erotic! wow!

    the sun made it here yesterday and it was SO nice. getting ready to get some more of it soaked in right now...

  2. How lovely to see Mama Turtle out basking. I so wish you could get her a Papa Turtle so that he eggs might hatch.
    When I was talking to Glen about your bowls, I said that there was no way you could charge enough to compensate for the work you put into them.
    I can only imagine that this is true for most of the beautiful art you make.

  3. I love the turtle.

  4. So good to see Mama Turtle out and basking up your sunshine. So good to see sunshine.

  5. These are just beautiful. Not only work and time but love and unique creativity goes into them.

    Good to see the shell-laden one.

  6. I love reading about the creative process, and miss my years as an art professor and professional illustrator. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  7. Is that the shell growing, and shedding the old 'skin'? The tiles will announce the exhibition brilliantly, love the green stems, in fact all, very organic!

  8. It looks like Big Mama's shell is molting. Glad she could get out and get some sun!

    The botanicas look fantastic!

  9. At least you got a reminder of what sun is like and Big Mama’s outing surely promises more of the same?

    As you know I admire your work very much. I hope that the exhibition will bring financial reward too.

    If you can transplant and divide there cannot be any frost in the ground?

  10. fun to see the turtle out, it will be a while here. Getting some of your sun , Thanks

  11. Looks like spring is creeping out your way. We have had a brief winter thus far, only one small snow. Love the botany on ice display. Are they meant to be purchased as a collection or individual pieces?

  12. Lovely!! It's sunny & warm(ish) here today. I think the ice should all be melted so I'm going to go for a walk!


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