Thursday, January 8, 2015

work and winter

The holidays are well over and it's been back to work here. You may remember that we are working on three small sculpted bowls for a gallery show in March. You may also remember that while I was working on the oleander design wax I vowed that those three would be the VERY LAST! Well, I should know better than to invoke the gods because, of course, the oleander bowl did not come out well even though I followed my notes on one that came out exceedingly well in the past. At least I thought I did but the combination of clear/white did not result in the completely white flowers it was supposed to and the bowl color is so intense as to make my eyes hurt. Even the least bit of light to illuminate the bowl completely washes out the white and the flowers turn blue. Yesterday, after I filled what was the third bowl mold and should have been the last, I checked my notes again on the oleander design. Oops. I totally mis-read my notes on the clear/turquoise proportions.

Out of the mold and washed but no finish work done.*

So, today, I am chasing a new wax of the oleander design.

On the upside, the sea fan design cast well.

Also out of the mold and washed but no finish work done.

And I have high hopes for the lizard and ivy design which is in the kiln as I write.

The first three days of this week were quite pleasant with a sunny sky and not so cold temps. That ended last night with a dip into the 20s. This morning, the bird baths were frozen solid and the buckets of rain water and the tub with the parrot feather all had a thick coating of ice.

This is unacceptable people!

I'm glad I covered my four tenders...three angel trumpets and the star of india which took forever to come back out after the late hard freeze last March.

The little warbler is continuing to entertain me though I think there is more than one visiting now. This one displays more nervousness and reached over from the teacup and tapped the window glass a couple of times.

* the bowl looks better in the picture than it actually is


  1. i was going to say, the bowl looks pretty good! :) really like the fishy one, too.

    we were at 18 this morning. supposed to get above freezing for a little while this afternoon, though.

  2. I think the bowls are exquisite. When you have done them better do they reach exquisiteness? Well done, and the last fix will be the best.

  3. What do you do with your less-than-perfect (in your eyes) works of art? I was going to make a joke about how I would gladly take any of them but I think that's inappropriate. I just think that bowl is so gorgeous as it is.
    Cold as hell here, as you know. Our birdbath is still frozen solid too.
    It will warm up again.

  4. I'm sure you are your own worse critic. I know I certainly am about just about anything I do. I think it's beautiful but now it makes me want to see the "real" beauty that is yet to come.
    Cold? Us too. Cold and it has given me an excuse to clean out cabinets and cupboards. Somebody will be happy when I am through, I just don't know where I will donate yet.
    Oma Linda

  5. I like both bowls, but the one with the fish is my favorite.

  6. You have made me respect the art far more and I will appreciate any price of this work when I see it now.

  7. So interesting to see the process! I don't know how I would feel about putting all that work into something & then it not turning out like I'd hoped. Oh wait - that happens All. The. Time. with my crochet - my projects hardly ever turn out as I expect!

  8. Yeah, like everyone else, I think those bowls came out great. It's part of being a pro, though, to be particular about the results and to see flaws that others miss -- so I can respect the fact that you're not happy with the oleander results. (And at least you figured out what went wrong!)

    Hope Big Mama is weathering the cold OK. I always think of her when things freeze over in your yard. :)

  9. Love those vases! Stay out of that nasty weather you didn't order,btw. Here, balmy weather,in the 70's. Not that we are complaining,,,,

  10. Looking forward to seeing more.Sorry to hear the cold came your way. I have been looking at warm vacations and am afraid to go and get in bad weather.It is 1 today, looking for a high of 4 here in SE Iowa.

  11. Yes, Ellen, the crow photo was mine with a filter of my answer your question.

  12. I couldn't see what you were talking about with the bowl until I read your next post. Artists know what they want a piece to look like, so I understand what you are saying now. Each of your pieces are special because of your care with each one. It must feel that much more rewarding when a piece turns out as you envisioned.


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