Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I know, another post about work

Thank you everyone for the lovely compliments you give me when I post pictures of my work.

last night's sunset

Yesterday was very springlike, nice and warm with a beautiful blue sky. This morning is very foggy but it is supposed to warm up to the low 70s this afternoon. It won't last with more cold weather coming later in the week but right now I'm loving it. Even turned the heater off yesterday.

this morning

Since the weather was so nice I decided to take advantage of it and do the cold work on the bowls. Because we haven't moved the cold work equipment over to the new shop yet, I was working here in the garage. It was a struggle to get started. I had to work on a piece of equipment that had gotten stuck before I was through using it and it took me a while to figure out what and why and where so I got that to work and finished cutting off the excess glass that had oozed out during firing and then the next machine needed changing water hoses (because apparently the hose that I used to supply water to the first machine is spewing out weird black sticky stuff) so it wouldn't get gummed up which I already have to deal with because of our hard water out here and the small orifices get clogged up and every hose was cranked down so tight I had to get a wrench which was across the street in the shop and then that done the stupid little orifice was already stopped up but I had smartly been soaking the other one in vinegar for a couple of days and I changed it out and so I finally got started with the grinding and shaping of the rims of the bowls.

And that's what I did all the rest of the day. I got the rims done and now I'm having to do a lot of carving on the oleander bowl. The second oleander bowl. The colors came out good this time but it didn't cast that great. The universe is really driving home that we are DONE with these small sculpted bowls. So, we'll see. I'm finishing it but it may not get sent.

Next post will NOT be about work.


  1. totally laughing at the huge run-on paragraph. :)

    we're socked in with fog, too. and tomorrow comes the cold and chance of rain.

  2. Your work is art. You have my permission to discuss it at any time.

  3. I hope you cussed little when things weren't going right. I start talking to my friend SOB when things break

  4. I love your posts about your work....not so much about your difficulties but it's the way. Somehow...with the wonderful and joyous we have to put up with crap too.

  5. You know, my teeth shiver every time you talk about grinding the glass. Eeek! :)

  6. As a former professional artist I enjoy reading about art, so don't stop.


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